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Sunset Glam-Mary Black Tribute

Happy Wednesday/day before thanksgiving/last day of work/AND MARY BLACK’S BIRTHDAY!!! My mom is the first person to comment, “like”, share or support whatever I am doing and I can’t thank her enough for that.  Whether it be starting this little blog, moving to a different state, starting a new job, or the simple talks that begin with  “how do I handle this?” She is there and she is supportive of everything that my brother and I are a part of.  There are a LOT of dynamics that come with the 4, now 6 of us.  Especially now that we are older and both adults I am grateful to share such a strong friendship with her.  There are so many things that I admire about you Mary Black, but here’s just a few…

  • I love how much you love us. You do so much for all of us and it is so SELFLESS.
  • I love how welcoming you are to your kids significant others.  Even though neither of us are married yet, you have welcomed Norma & J with open arms & hearts.
  • I love that you’re not defined by your husband.  Who doesn’t LOVE our dad!? We all love him, but you encourage me as a woman because you are so strong alone.  You have your own identity, friends, and interests.
  • I love how you can get soooooo feisty and that it is always about two things: Being a UofA fan and people screwing with your family.  For such a sweet, caring & kind woman you would mess someone up if they hurt any of us.  And if you’re an ASU fan….fah getta bout it! :)
  • I love that we laugh the same, share green eyes, have the same hands from grandma, both forget or mess up words the same way, and how excited you get when Jaimeson and I come over.  <3

I am so happy and blessed that you’re my mama! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Mama took these pictures.  This outfit was from a baby shower that we went to this weekend for Lauren, one of my dear friends from high school. The sun is so gorgeous. It was shot right at 5pm which just so happens to be my favorite time of day.  I love sunsets more than anything and wish I could be outside everyday to enjoy that 20 minutes from 5-5:20 as the sun is setting.

Skirt-Hinge, Wedges-Trouve, Tank-Rubbish, Sunnies-House of Harlow, Jacket-Halogen, Necklace/Bracelets-Forever 21/Tory Burch



Tuxedo Dress

Hello my loves! It is FRIDAY, our favorite day of the week! This weekend will be jam packed full of fun items. We are attending the Arizona Taco Festival and if you know me this is EXACTLY up my ally. Tacos, outdoor festivals, friends, tequila, and sombreros? Yes please! :)

Today’s outfit was centered around my love of the tuxedo suit for woman.  I am no stranger of menswear for women, but I love the idea of a feminine dress or tunic mixed with a bow tie.   Love it!

Blouse-Isda and co, Bow Tie- Vintage, Leggings-Old Navy, Shoes-Trouve, Sunnies-House Of Harlow, Watch-Target, Bracelets-Forever 21/Nordstrom

These pictures were taken by the amazing and talented cook Ms Whitney Bond. She is the brains and beauty behind the fabulous cooking blog Little Leopard Book! Ck it out for easy, healthy recipes!