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Marfa, Texas

Shortly after Christmas I got the opportunity to take a road trip through New Mexico & Texas with my girlfriend Ashley. I have been fascinated by Marfa, Texas since first hearing about it. I was living in San Diego managing a restaurant in a high touristy area and one of my customers who was visiting from Europe told me about his recent trip there. He had killer style and told me if I was into fashion and the arts that it was the place to go. Then began the googling…oh my gosh this places looks awesome!!! If awesome to you means small, ghost townish, one street, literally one stop light.  And you’re comfortable seeing the same people at all the same places because there just aren’t that many.  It almost felt like a time warp. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I will share more about what we did in the town of Marfa later next week, but for now here are some shots of us getting into town. The Prada store is actually in Valentine, Texas so it was our first stop. No, it’s not actually a store, but there are shoes and bags inside. Read more here.welcome to marfa marfa texas prada what i wore to prada installation FullSizeRenderIf you get the chance to head to Marfa definitely do it. There isn’t a direct airport which makes it hard to get to, but it’s about an hour outside of El, Paso which is an easy flight. I hope you have a great day!