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Lucky Fabb Day 2

The 2nd day was casual. We met for breakfast and then headed to sessions.  This was also coined as “shopping day.” We got spoiled with many many goodies and treats. (The Lesportsac girls brought a milkshake bar!!!) It was a completely different pace than day 1. I loved being able to chat and really get to know the other bloggers. These ladies below and I were nearly glued at the hip for most of the afternoon.

what i wore to lucky fabbBlouse-Equipment, Jeans-Citizen’s of Humanity, Bag-Alexander McQueen, Turban-Ebay, Shoes-Vince Camuto, Jewlery-Vintage

lucky fabb conferenceJess, myself, Danielle, and Ashley spent most of the day laughing our butts off, talking about college basketball, talking in haiku etc (miss you all so much!!!)

luckyfabb 2013

lucky fabb 2013 betsy johnson lucky fabb 2013lucky fabb 2013 AG room-Love all the double denim

tacori lucky fabb

tacori lucky fabb Tacori-don’t mind if I do.

I can’t wait until next year! Have a great Monday!!!



She’s so lucky

Lucky is one of my favorite magazines. They have a way of appealing to a large fashionable audience and they do it so well. They are always featuring great products ranging from high end to low end.  Today is a great day because for the next few hours they are doing an amazing promotion!!!!!

Me & Arrow Grey Pyramid Arrow Satchels—50% Off!

These vintage looking crossover bags are perfect for spring and that amazing hippie festival in the desert that everyone is talking about!!!

Regular price: $138 Lucky Breaks price: $69

How to get it: Go to shop.meandarrow.com and enter “luckydaily5” at checkout.