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Tanque Verde Ranch-Part 2

One of my favorite activities we did at the Tanque Verde Ranch was the Breakfast Ride.  The ride will take you through the beautiful rolling hills of the desert as you make your way to the Old Homestead.
Upon reaching the destination, indulge in a freshly cooked breakfast prepared right in front of you. The famous blueberry pancakes were definitely a highlight. If pancakes aren’t your thing (I am concerned) they have delicious ranch style eggs, bacon and fresh juice.  It was a great halfway break to refuel and head back on the trail.

IMG_7073 IMG_7080 IMG_7083 IMG_7087 IMG_7081TVR is running an all inclusive Spring Break Special in the next few weeks that is the perfect getaway for couples as well as families.  I really love the all-inclusive option because it allow each guest to fully experience life at the ranch.  There is something about dining with the other guests and getting to know where each person is from that creates a lasting cultural dynamic to each person’s experience.  If anyone has any specific questions regarding our stay and experience as always feel free to email me.  I have one more post to share with you guys from our stay that will be popping up later this week. Wishing you a blessed day!

Amy Black