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No Rookies Here

Are you guys as excited as I am for the graphic tee making a huge STATEMENT this fall/winter??? I am not mad about that at all. This “Rookie tee” I swooped up at Forever 21.  When I first saw it I laughed and thought, “Rookie??? No Rookies here!”  But then I thought about how this simple word is in fact who I am.

I am in the process of opening not 1, but 2 restaurants this year.  This isn’t something new for me, buuuuuut I am still considered very new to the process. Something I have been trying to work on this year is being ok with not knowing it all.  When your attitude is gracious and your heart is humbled, you ARE a better person. Period. As much as I pride myself on being really damn good at what I do, I’m reminded that we are all just rookies…trying our best to figure it all out. :)IMG_5743 IMG_5745 IMG_5756

Shirt/Sunnies-F21, Shorts-Thirfted, Shoes-MIA, Necklaces-Nordstrom Rack, Rings-Vintage/F21 (cross ring)IMG_5757 IMG_5760 IMG_5746

Have a wonderful Tuesday!