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Savory Sunday-Liberty Market

I think it’s safe to say I have found one of my new favorite restaurants in Phoenix. This is huge because this never happens. I am such a loyal follower to my local favs that it is hard for me to try some of these new trending places.  I heard and read nothing but awesome things about Liberty Market and couldn’t wait to try it out.  Only one problem, it is very far from my house.  It took a few weeks, but I made it into Liberty Market solo for lunch one day.  I instantly was drawn to the exposed kitchen, concrete flooring and the awesome lighting.  It was a very old school vibe with fresh Portland foodie feel.  I couldn’t wait to order.  I got the Best Chicken Sandwich and it was indeed one of the best chicken sandwiches I had ever had.  I returned 3 times later that week alone and when the weekend came brought my mom to join me…

Liberty Market Gilbert Arizona



4We got the Best Chicken Sandwich again and also added the soup/salad combo and tried the minestrone and house salad.   The ingredients were so fresh and we didn’t talk for 15 minutes because we were just too busy devouring all the amazing food.  I highly recommend this amazing restaurant if you’re ever in the East Valley part of Arizona.

*Liberty Market is located in Gilbert, Arizona*

Have a great Sunday everyone!