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Double Breasted & Leather Detailed

Wooo whooo Friday is here! AAAAAnnnd it’s less than a week from Thanksgiving!! I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by.  As the cool weather continues to grace us zonies with it’s presence I will continue to wear all 34 of my jackets/coats…jk I don’t think I have 34 coats. Well, maybe. This jacket I found at a consignment store while living in San Diego and I honestly haven’t worn it before.  I love the material, pattern, leather details, buttons, but I didn’t like the fit of it.  It is very oversized and I felt that it made me look like I was smuggling potatoes. (Whitney I spelled potatoes right this time!) Through some change of heart/style/mind/waist size it now suddenly appeals to me very much and was screaming at me to take pictures of it!  Plus how amaze does it look paired with my new DIY cap toe flats I just made! It was a match made in heaven.  

Blazer-Vintage, Necklace/Ring/Sunnies/Gold Bracelets-Forever 21, Blue bracelet-Bfrend, Leggings-Nordstrom, Shoes-Halogen then DIY’d

Have a relaxing weekend!



Easy DIY Cap Toe Flats

Good Morning and Happy Veterans Day lovelies! Hopefully everyone has the day off and can honor the Vets in your life.  Today I am featuring a little DIY project that kept me busy this weekend.  I love the cap toe trend and considering I am on a spending freeze I thought I would get creative and attempt to dye one of my many pairs of suede shoes. **Stay tuned later this week for how I paired these bad boys**

To begin chose your shoe. I chose suede because it absorbs fabric paint the best. (Says Joan, the woman at Michael’s who helped me buy my supplies)

I am not a huge craft person. I love that this project only consists of 5 things besides the shoes…Fabric paint, tape, paintbrush, paper towels, and old newspaper/bag/magazines for underneath the shoe:


Tape paper towels on both shoes to prevent spillage and to ensure you get a nice, even, smooth line.  Now you’re ready to start painting. I applied 3 coats of a black sparkle paint.Allow to dry for about 30 minutes then remove the tape!

I love how they came out and I am considering getting a gold colored paint and adding a small gold stripe where the black and blue meet.Have you tried any DIY projects lately? Do tell! I want to start doing more projects like this.  Have a great Monday!