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Savory Sunday’s-Brosenbrus

OMG I literally have had THE best 24 hours of my life and it has nothing to do with fashion, clothes, vintage items, or anything of the sort. My Dapper Fellow was out of town this weekend and in true Beezie fashion my bests all came together for one last hoorah.  E is moving to NYC and we are unsure when we will see her again so it was the most amazing surprise of 2012!!! On Saturday we went grocery/craft shopping and literally did an entire evening of DIY, bedazzling, spray painting, etc.  We had so much fun and were beyond crafty for the entire weekend! Here is my Savory Sunday as well as an added bonus of our DIY projects…

E and I ventured out to Brosenbrus in Tempe, AZ for breakfast this am and we were very happy with our choice! Brosenbrus is a local cafe/restaurant in Tempe, AZ and they have a great variety of breakfast and lunch! It is owned by two best friends and you can feel that comradery once you enter the establishment!

I got the Diablo Sandwich which was exactly as I would think it would be…SPICEY! So good tho.

E and I also did our fair share in DIY projects this weekend which included spray painting and bedazzling pumpkins and spray painting lamps!!!! Here are our creations…

Hope all of you lovelies had a fab wkd!