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Got2b Volumaniac

got 2 b

I was thrilled when Got2b sent me over some of their new products from their Volumaniac line. Volume is something I am always looking for more of when blow drying my hair. I am constantly trying to get that smooth blown out look that you get at the salon.

got2b copy

I found this massive round brush back in college and I have used it ever since, well not this exact one. But it does a really nice job at smoothing out the hair from root.

amygot2b4 got2b1

I have naturally curly hair so I am always looking for products that smooths and adds volume.  I started by applying the Mousse to my whole head, then applied the root boost. Finished up with the Hair Spray!

The best part about these products is how nice they smell. I tend to be a little picky when it comes to hair care smells and these are fresh and not too much. My hair felt smooth and full all day long. Thanks Got2b I am hooked!got2b2 got2b3

All photos taken by Hazelleyez Photography


This post was in sponsored by @got2b. All opinions are of my own.

January Birchbox Review

Happy Tuesday loves! I received this Birchbox a few weeks ago, but with post holiday organization and catch up it got placed on the back burner.  Honestly, I was disappointed by this Birchbox. I feel like my odds are good though considering I have been receiving these lovely boxes for 9 months and enjoyed every one of them, but this one.  :(

january birchbox review

1) LA Fresh Eco waterproof makeup remover-I honestly thing this entire line is stupid. I realize people want on the go makeup remover/face wash products, but I see absolutely NO DIFFERENCE from La fresh vs any over the counter wipe. The fresh scent is nice, but the reality of me needing multiple one time use face wash or make-up remover wipes are unrealistic.

2) Aerie Shimmer-No words for this fragrance other than we don’t need a stinkin perfume every single time we get a box!!! I have enough samples for me to NEVER buy my own perfume.

3) Embryolisse Lait-Creme-I liked this product. Very moisturizing, but didn’t make me want to purchase it in full size.

4) DDF Acne Control Treatment– I didn’t hate this treatment especially considering it came right in time for a breakout that I had. I felt like it worked and I will defs be saving this for the next time Captain Big Zit comes along!

5) Hot Mama Shadow & Blush-By far my fav from this box and the only saving grace! I received this last product from The Balm and fell in love! I already ordered this blush from Birchbox! So amazing!!!!

Have you ladies heard of Birchbox?  If so What did you girls get in your boxes this month?




December Birchbox Review

This Birchbox took me a bit longer to get reviewing.  It did however contain two of my all time favorite items I have received yet via Birchbox! If you’re still on the fence about joining do yourself a favor…JOIN! It is so much fun to get monthly little pressies and also a great way to try out new products without committing to them entirely.  You can join here! Check out what was in my December box…

december birchbox



Juicy Couture Original Perfume-I love this scent and it comes with so much nostalgia. It is very strong and the sample will last me awhile! I don’t think I will be purchasing this in full size because I have other perfumes in sight I want to try out.


Per-fect lash perfection gel-I bought the full size version of this right away. A lot of times I like something on my lashes, but don’t want it to be mascara and this is the perfect in between.  It is smooth and elongates the lash while adding color, but no clumps. It is perfection and meant for someone with a job that is on the go where you need it to be long lasting.


Frownies Eye Gels-I absolutely loved these and they really made my eyes feel refreshed and relaxed. I may change my mind later, but I don’t see myself purchasing these. It was worth the sample and I may give it as a gift, but personally I would much rather get a facial once a month.







Tea Forte-This was a surprise. Tea in a Birchbox? It is better than the energy bars in past boxes, but I am not a fan of anything edible in my birchbox. I tried the teas, they’re really tasty, but no I will not be going to a beauty website to purchase my tea.

clarifying shampoo


Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo-Ok this product is AMAZING! I ordered it in full size right away. If you know a thing about clarifying shampoos, they’re great for your hair because they’re sulfate free, but they have little to no lather when it comes to gathering the hair and creating suds. Which to me is annoying and makes it hard to evenly distribute etc. But THIS product lathers, smells divine and works better than any other clarifying shampoo out there. It was a no brainer to get this shampoo!

Sign up for Birchbox today and you can get on the list to receive some of these great products!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday!



November Birchbox

Happy Saturday loves!

November’s Birchbox took awhile to arrive at my house in little Chandler, AZ. They were experiencing delays due to Hurricane Sandy.  It made me that much more excited to receive it though.  This month is also my mom’s first BIRCHBOX!!!  Here is what I received:


nov birchbox

1) This month’s theme is Give.  Appropriately named for the month of Thanksgiving.  I was very pleased with my box!

2) Curl Keeper-I haven’t been wearing my hair curly lately so I haven’t had a chance to try this, but I always love trying new curly hair products.  I have purchased so many that don’t work so it’s nice to have a sample before committing. Also, this product is currently sold out on BB so it seems to be a hit.

3) ModelCo Shine-This is a full size gloss with a mirror on the side. Um, can you say score!? This Australian company prides itself in creating products that are fuss-free but high impact.  This non-sticky gloss goes on smoothly and gives lips a soft punch of sheer, slightly shimmery color. I put it on right away and it is a now in my purse. :)

4) JR Watkins Hand & Cuticle Cream-I have been on the hunt for some cuticle cream/moisturizer and I am afraid this is not it.  My hands get very dry from working at a restaurant and I didn’t notice any difference from the few times I used it. It is however an amazing hand cream. I have been using it for that and love it. Just didn’t do it for me for the cuticle care I need.

5) Holiday 2012 Gift Guide-I personally think these booklets are a waste of time and money. I don’t know who reads them. There aren’t coupons inside and seem pointless really.

6) Give Box-This came empty with the intention of giving it to someone with something in it.  A pay it forward type of thing. I love this clever idea and cannot wait to give it to someone special.

7) Chuao Chocolate Bar-I am definitely NOT a fan of chocolate, candy, or food of any kind inside my Birchbox! It is for beauty products duh! I hope this stops.

8) Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner-I was scared to get this one at first because when I loged in online to see what my box was it said I was getting this liner in neon yellow. Like highlighter yellow. Not my cup o tea. I was sooooo happy when it arrived and was black! This is a full size eyeliner and goes on so smooth. It arrived just in time to replace my empty one!

Although I wasn’t pleased by half of these items all in all I was very happy about this box. The way I look at it is for $10 I received two full sized products that I would have cost $28.  Plus who doesn’t like getting packages?! If you haven’t already I would check out Birchbox!





July Birchbox-What I packed for San Diego

As usual I was beyond excited and  anxious for my July Birchbox. And let me tell you it has been the best birchbox that I have gotten so far!

1)  Supercoop City Sunscreen- Perfect for a vay cay or day in the sun.

2) Color Club Nail Polish-Pastels aren’t just for Easter. These creamy shades mix the sweetness of pastels with the boldness of brights. They’re the perfect way to update your wardrobe for summer. Each cheery shade looks equally stylish on fingers or toes.

3) Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner- this London-based brand’s liquid liners let you create mod looks in a flash. Rather than frustrating us with hard-to-control brush tips, they feature a pen-style applicator that’s completely goofproof. Give your basic black a break and experiment with rich Olive or punchy Turquoise. They’re guaranteed to make your eyes pop.

4) Tea Forte Mints- known for their stylish tisanes, is introducing clever mints that have both wellness and breath-sweetening properties. All-natural and sugar-free, Minteas are infused with organic green tea, herbs, and fruit extracts to give you an instant antioxidant boost. Better yet, they freshen breath and taste delicious.

5) Harvey Prince Eau Flirt- It takes a lot of moxie to actually wink at someone. We’d rather let our scent do the flirting. This sweetly mischievous fragrance channels our inner girly girl with a combination of fresh florals and warm spices. You’ll want to pair this one with your most confident outfit.

6) Colorful Headphones- So practical and I am already in LOVE!!!!!

Ck out these latest products here!!!!! And if you haven’t gotten on board with Birchbox you can do so here!!!! $10 a month is such a great deal for what you receive!!!

Here is a spread of my packing for SD.

From left to right..1) hat-forever 21  2) floral pants-vintage  3) red wedges-Jeffery Campbell  4) shoes-Ivanka Trump  5) stripped shirt-vintage  6)  blue chambray top-frenchi, 7) ikat shorts- Gap  8) blouse-Free People, 9) heels-Calvin Klein 10) pants-Winter Kate


happy weekend loves!!


June Birchbox

I am so so so excited that I have finally received my first, much waited for BIRCHBOX!! I should have taken a pic of me when I swooped it up from the mailbox jumping up and down with excitement. As much as I looove shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc I am such a sucker for beauty products.  I love everything from skincare to makeup to nail polish.  If you haven’t heard of Birchbox it’s a $10 monthly subscription.  They send 5-7 sample sizes of new and different beauty products.

This month’s theme is Jet Set. A go-to number of travel items that are perfect for that Summer vacation you have planned! :)

1) Tili Bag-Essentially a thicker, nicer plastic zip bag. Perfect for traveling through airports and in the need for an on the go cosmetic holder.

2) Georgie Beauty Winks-Everyone has tried fake eyelashes before, but the best thing about this product is that it is a reusable lash. These lashes can be used up to 7 times! These particular Georgies were inspired by the original eye-batting women of the 50’s.

3) The Balm by Stainiac– This is a two-in-one lip and cheek stain. I have girlfriends who rave about this sort of product, but I just haven’t been swoon over yet. This was the first thing I tried when I opened the box. In my experience normally when something is a two-in-one you typically don’t like one of them. I initially put it on my lips and looooved the color. I am still getting used to putting a liquid on my cheeks for blush, but the coloring is really pretty. I noticed while looking up the link for this post Birchbox is really good about video tutorials on how to put on or wear the different products.

4) Hair Rules Lift Volumizing Shampoo– I haven’t tried this one and I don’t think I will until I travel next. This salon is NYC based and specializes in their products being versatile towards all hair types. It is SULFATE free, which is HUGE. I don’t know if any of you have made the switch, but sulfate free shampoo is really the only way to go.

5) LA FRESH oil free face cleanser– I love facial cleanser wipes for traveling. I always have the problem with an item or two exploding in my cosmetic bag and this is an excellent way to avoid this.

Well there you have it…I hope that you are all having a great week. And if you haven’t already definitely checked out Birchbox do so and tell me what you think!!



Philosophy GIVEAWAY!!!! $50 value

****Giveaway Closed, Congrats The Lipstick Giraffe!****

I am so excited for this! The time has come for my very first giveaway!!! Thanks to my friends at Philosophy, I am giving away their “Travel Kit.”($50 value) This is a perfect starter kit for a new philosophy user.  This great giveaway includes a small 1oz version of all of their best products (and some of my personal favorites mentioned here).

Bottles from Left to Right:

1) Eyes Wide Open

2) Amazing Grace Body Wash

3) Purity Made Simple

4) Amazing Grace Body Lotion

5) Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

6) Hope in a Jar Moisturizer

*Also included Microdelivery Peel sample and Amazing Grace Perfume*


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*Winner will be selected at random next week!!!!*

Please leave a comment below of what you have “liked” and “followed” so I can know your number of entries!!!

GOOD LUCK my Lovelies!!!



Philosophy Skin Care-Giveaway coming soon!!!

It is no secret that we aren’t as young as we used to be. Believe it or not being a woman in your 20’s, skincare is something you should be thinking about. Having a Mama who always took detailed care of her skin, I was exposed to the importance of skincare at a young age.  As I got older and moved out of the house the idea of purchasing these outrageous products on my own small budget was not happening.  I spent most of college just using whatever over the counter face wash, moisturizer, makeup remover etc.  When I turned 21 I started working freelance for Philosophy and the literal OBSESSION for the line began! I started small and just purchased a few of the basics. It didn’t take much time until I personally owned most of the skincare line.  The best part to me about Philosophy is that it is so affordable! Here are a list of my fav products that I can’t live without!

1) Hope In a Jar

This moisturizer works for every skin type! I absolutely love it and apparently so does America. This is the #1 seller for Philosophy. It has been featured in almost every beauty magazine and even on Oprah’s Favorite Thing’s List. Anyone who knows me knows I would rather have my Hope In a Jar  moisturizer on my face than makeup.

2) Purity Made Simple

3) Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash-Here is a zoomed in picture so you can read the description

4) Falling In Love

This scent was in my Scents Of A Woman post. Philosophy is big on layering scents with a body wash, lotion and perfume leaving you with a long lasting scent throughout the day.

5) Turbo Booster C Powder-Here is a zoomed in picture so you can read the description. This product requires a very small scoop and is used in combination with a number of other Philosophy products. I mix it up in my hand with my Hope In a Jar moisturizer.

6) Amazing Grace Body Spray

I love layering this scent with the Falling In Love fragrance.

I am excited to share with you all a GREAT Philosophy giveaway as soon as I return from Chicago and Coachella!!! Get excited!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter!