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How To: Style A Bookshelf

A bookshelf??? I know, it’s not vintage and it’s not fashion, but I really think home decor can be just as much fun.  May marks 1 year that Dapper Fellow and I have lived together.  Both of us have never lived with a boyfriend/girlfriend before.  Merging two lives and two sets of styles is always a challenge.  I assumed it would be something we would have to agree to disagree on a lot, but in all honesty it’s been really easy.  We have decided on similar pieces of art, lamps, fixtures almost effortlessly.  One of those items was a simple black bookshelf. We have a small nook in our living room that is designed for a bookshelf and before I moved in it remained empty.  I found this black, reasonable bookshelf at Target and it was a perfect fit!

how to style a bookshelfWe have quite the variety of reading material from fashion, food, children’s, religious, sports, and rapper books. This is why I love Dapper Fellow! :) I tried to group the books by size and color (kind of).  We don’t have a ton of books so I wanted to create small, neat stacks.  You can obviously stack them higher, this was just my preference. From there I chose the nick knacks that I wanted to use and placed them accordingly to height.

styling a bookshelfBoth of these pieces (the skull and the virgin mary) are from Mexico.  I had originally planned to put these in my space but Dapper Fellow liked them so the made it on the shelf! :)

how to style a cute bookshelfI love owls. I have since I was a little kid. Orange is one of our favorite colors and there are pops of it throughout our home. :)

styling bookshelvesWe met when I was living in California so I thought it would be fun to put my old plate up where we could see it.  San Diego is very special to our hearts. <3

bookshelf stylingI picked up this horse end at a thrift store.  I think he adds some character to this side of the shelf.

I plan on doing more decor posts in the future and would love to know what you guys think or if there’s something you want to see more of! Have a wonderful Monday!!