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Thrift Store Haul

I thought it would be fun to incorporate a new section on my blog where I share my recent vintage finds.  I get a lot questions as to where I like to “thrift.”  If that thought has ever crossed your mind keep reading. If you’re already a pro thrifter, scroll down to see pics of my first “Thrift Store Haul” on AVC.

  • First thing is first is there are no rules in thrifting.
  • It is unconventional shopping, similar to a garage or rummage sale.  
  • You will need to devote a good chunk of time in order to get through the entire store.
  • Start in one section of the store and make your way through. I typically start with dresses then blouses, then shirts etc.
  • Always check out housewares/linens area-I just recently started doing this and have found some MAJOR good finds.
  • Look in sizes that are not necessarily yours. I wear a Medium or Large and have found some great items in Small and Extra Large.
  • Peruse the men’s section too. You know how I feel about a Men’s Medium. :)

Do you guys have tips that have worked well for you? I would love to hear them.  Is there anyone out there that has NEVER been thrifting? I am dying to know that answer!

Item #1-Vintage perfume bottle. (white bottle below)-I have been wanting one of these for awhile for my perfume vanity tray. The mirrored tray is also vintage and I am on the hunt for another. It was only $3.vintage perfume bottle 

Item #2-Needlepoint clutch. I LOVE this piece. The colors are perfect. It is busy, but goes with a lot of things extremely effortlessly.  This was $4.vintage needlepoint clutch

Item #3- A 1980’s Creme Diane Von Furstenberg Sweater! I freaked the hell out when I came across this amaze creme cable knit designed by one of my favs DVF! It was as good as gold to me.  I immediately texted my bestie Erin who just so happens to be the ultimate fashionista, brand guru and fellow appreciator of all things vintage.  Within seconds she sends me to this amazing website. Here! From what I can determine, this tag seems to be most similar to the 80’s blouse/jumpsuit. Score. $5 dolla holla!vintage DVF sweater

Item #4- Givenchy necklace-I have tried figuring out what decade this necklace came from, but all I could find was this similar earring and necklace set. I got this from Savers for $10. Vintage Givenchy necklaceI hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Will you be watching the Superbowl? It is the busiest day of the year for my family and I’s restaurant so I will be racing home to catch the 2nd half.  Be safe and order Jimmy and Joe’s!