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DIY: How To Make a Holiday Wreath

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Hello loves! I am so excited to share with you an awesome DIY project just in time for the Holiday’s! My gf’s and I always seem to do arts and crafts whenever we get together. Maybe it’s the fact that we all are getting older, maybe it’s because we are becoming domestic? Who knows, but I’ll take it! Krystal and I planned this wreath making session a few weeks ago. We each bought a wreath and additional supplies separately then piled them together and went at it.  I went for a green wreath and Krystal went for a more branchy look.  Although we shared supplies what I love most about our wreaths is how different they are from each other’s.

What YOU need: Wreath, hot glue gun, supplies of your choice, scissors, and ribbon (I bought flowers, bells, birds, garland, pine cones, ornaments, and holly)

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Krystal’s finished product:

My finished product:

The best part about making these was how fun and easy it was. You literally can use anything to make a wreath.  You may remember my best friend Annie from this post. Check out her wreath that she made out of old hymnals from her grandmother!

diy christmas wreath

Happy wreath making!



Easy DIY Cap Toe Flats

Good Morning and Happy Veterans Day lovelies! Hopefully everyone has the day off and can honor the Vets in your life.  Today I am featuring a little DIY project that kept me busy this weekend.  I love the cap toe trend and considering I am on a spending freeze I thought I would get creative and attempt to dye one of my many pairs of suede shoes. **Stay tuned later this week for how I paired these bad boys**

To begin chose your shoe. I chose suede because it absorbs fabric paint the best. (Says Joan, the woman at Michael’s who helped me buy my supplies)

I am not a huge craft person. I love that this project only consists of 5 things besides the shoes…Fabric paint, tape, paintbrush, paper towels, and old newspaper/bag/magazines for underneath the shoe:


Tape paper towels on both shoes to prevent spillage and to ensure you get a nice, even, smooth line.  Now you’re ready to start painting. I applied 3 coats of a black sparkle paint.Allow to dry for about 30 minutes then remove the tape!

I love how they came out and I am considering getting a gold colored paint and adding a small gold stripe where the black and blue meet.Have you tried any DIY projects lately? Do tell! I want to start doing more projects like this.  Have a great Monday!




DIY bleached jean tank

I have been seeing these bleached, almost ombre tanks/shirts popping up everywhere so I decided to take a stab at it.  It turned out better than I had thought it would and it was a fun project that kept me busy last weekend.

What you need: Bleach, a bucket, and a tank (this one I got at a thrift store for $4)

You have to allow the shirt to sit in the bleach for awhile. Around 30 mins later I came back to take it out. 

And Voila…A new and improved shirt is born!!!

Shorts-Eight 14, Shirt-Thrifted, Sunnies-D&G, Necklace-Kris Nations, Bracelets- Forever 21/Nordstrom Anniversary sale, Shoes-Steve Madden

This tank is perfect for summer!!! I have already worn it a few times and only had it a week.  Have you tried any DIY projects? I am interested to try more!!!! Have a fabulous weekend my lovelies!!!



Adore it? Afford it! Plus DIY jean shorts

Adore it? Afford it! is back!!!! Things have been busy busy over here. Due to my numerous vacations I have increased my work load and have had absolutely no time for outfit posts, but I have still managed to do a little bit of shopping. :) I thought I would share with you some great deals I have scored lately as well as my first DIY post.

Free People is by far my favorite brand, but it tends to be more expensive for my budget.  I typically score most of my great FP finds at Nordstrom Rack, but this adorbs crochet romper I found at TJ MAXX for $25.  It is a part of their swimwear line (which I didn’t even know they had).  It has a subtle gold tint to the fabric and I can’t wait to break it out this summer to the pool with a fedora and some wedges.

This watch I got at Target for $19.99. It is a men’s watch with a brown leather band and black and gold face. I only buy men’s watches because I love the large face. :)

Now onto my first DIY project on AVC…I am a big fan of the high waisted cut off Levi’s jean shorts that they sell at UO, but I didn’t want to pay $50 bucks for something I know I could make. I have been on the hunt for a good black pair of Levi’s jeans and finally found them yesterday at Goodwill.   I cut them and have only washed them once, but the fraying will only increase.

Happy Hump day lovelies!



P.S. What do you think of my new look? My friends over at Les Conservateurs gave me a little makeover. :)