“We’re not in Kansas anymore!”

It’s been awhile since I have blogged or even logged onto my website.  I told myself when I started this bad boy 3 years ago that I would never allow writing and sharing with you all to become an item on my to-do list.  Sometimes life happens and unfortunately my little passion project tends to get the backseat.  And boy did life happen this past month.
I attended a funeral for someone who was very near and dear to me.  I have only been to one other funeral before so this was really new.  The pain from a death like this was something way bigger than I could have imagined.  It very much crippled me and made normal routine events and tasks seem oddly difficult.  I  don’t think you ever get over the death of a loved one and I am realizing that is ok.
One thing that kept popping in my head over the past month is how “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Life is tough and real and serious and sad and scary and it hurts.  I have obviously known this for awhile now, but every time life happens I am reminded how precious it truly is.
So, I can sit here and be sad & fight the process or I can face life head on with all it’s experiences, challenges and scariness.  I choose the latter.  I am so thankful for my amazing little life.  Every circumstance good or bad makes me stronger, wiser and more compassionate of others.  I am grateful for that.  I am happy to be alive, to live in a beautiful place with my favorite people and to feel real love all around me every single day.  My goal for 2015 is to focus more on the content in my posts rather than a quick outfit recap. I want to dream bigger, be better and share more of my heart with all of you.  So without further adieu, Black is back. :)

amy black Romper studded ankle boots vintage black elephant belt Romper-TJMaxx, Shoes-Kohls, Sunnies-Zero UV, Bag-French Connection, Belt-Vintage, Necklace-Monogram Hubphoenix fashion blogger zero uv sunglasses romper and ankle boots phoenix pineapple


RIP Kyle Baker. I will forever miss you <3

5 responses to ““We’re not in Kansas anymore!”

  1. Love this post & love you!

  2. Thats my classy, strong and special niece…love you amy!

  3. I’m obsessed with your style (and I’m glad you’re back. sending good vibes your way!)


  4. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your loss. Sending good vibes your way~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~