30 Isn’t Old, It is GOLD!

Hey there!

It’s official, I am about to turn 30 tomorrow! With every birthday I feel like I learn more, understand more and attempt to do more.  I am more aware, more transparent, more reasonable, more loving, more vulnerable, more caring and MORE FUN!!! Cheers to 30 reasons I am stoked to turning 30:


1) I am not 20
2) I have solidified my major core values, likes and dislikes.
3) I know what works and what doesn’t work with my hair.
4) I can successfully file my own taxes (thanks E) :)
5) I am in LOVE with a wonderful man who makes me smile everyday.
6) Cheap shoes are not even an option anymore.
7) My taste buds are snobby. Some may think this is a bad thing, but I remember the days when Ramen, Spaghetti with canned tomato sauce, and easy mac was the norm. Woof! Gone are those days.
8) It is not uncommon for me to cry daily. I am moved by the smallest things and feel my emotions so much more intensely than I ever have before.
9) I officially have the travel bug. Although this is always something that I have been into, the locations for travel have changed. Dreaming of Europe in 2 years & Hawaii with my Dapper Fellow. <3
10) I don’t care who likes or dislikes me. Ok, maybe this is one I am still working on :) This year especially I have come to an acceptance that all I can do is be the best that I can be and the people who don’t care to stick around for the ride aren’t people I want to be associated myself with.
11) I have a job that brings me joy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Who can say that?
12) My mom has become one of my best friends. This relationship wasn’t always easy for us, but these past few years have felt like dream. She is one of the greatest women I know and I look up to her every day.
13) I buy fewer impulse, cheap, bargains and find myself saving and only purchasing investment pieces. 
14) I am the exact opposite of cool and I embrace it.
15) I am not afraid of much.
16) I am learning the importance of keeping my mouth shut. LEARNING is the key word. :)
17) Whether it’s eating a meal, going to a movie, or just exploring around my city. I feel comfortable hanging out alone.
18) I love cooking. Not so much the cleaning, but I have really gotten more experimental with my cooking and feel very confident in the kitchen.
19) I am no longer terrified of having a child in my future. 
20) I know what it means to set “healthy boundaries”
21) I understand the meaning of real friendship. A lot of shit goes down in your 20’s. You cry, fight, see each other at her worst, but hopefully you come out on top, recognizing how important each of your roles are for one another’s life. My girlfriends are the absolute BEST!
22) Remember all those annoying things that your parents do? Yeah, I definitely do all of those things.
23) Although I had an amazing time in college, living in the real world is so much more gratifying.
24) I know what true happiness feels like and I am there now.
25) I don’t have all the answers and that’s ok.
26) I can’t wear the majority of cut-off shorts sold in stores and am forced to make my own.
27) I understand the value of sleep
28) I realize the importance of knowing when to splurge and when to save. 
29) I know the importance of saying “I’m Sorry”
30) I have created a very self-assured, eclectic style that I take pride in. 
The best part of this birthday is that I have an entire new decade to learn, grow, love and develop more! That itself is so powerful and I cannot believe I am as blessed to be in this life of mine. God, you’re far too good to me and I am grateful for every single day!

11 responses to “30 Isn’t Old, It is GOLD!

  1. Nancy Schulz

    LIKE LIKE LIKE. Love amydo! Your an amazing woman!Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy almost B-day! I always said my 30’s would be my best years, so I am ready for them 😉


  3. Congrats on turning 30 and all the amazing things you’ve learned and exciting things ahead. The best is yet to come!

  4. I still can’t believe you’re turning 30, but at least you are taking it in stride! :) Wishing you great things in this next chapter, and always!

  5. Happy, happy birthday! To a very fabulous and very inspiring woman!

  6. These are serious life lessons! Happy Birthday! I’m glad you understand that 30 isn’t old. =]

  7. AMY…..You are an amazing young woman!!! Your list made me laugh and cry…..Have a great Birthday!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Amy and 30 isn’t old at all.I turned 30 a few months after my son was born. I totally agree about your taste buds being snobby and about cheap shoes. Glad you had a fabulous weekend. Happy Birthday again!!!!

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