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Skort You!

No you’re not reliving the 90’s. I just so happened to pick up this bad boy at Zara while in SF a few wks ago.  I absolutely LOVE the color and the asymmetrical lines  complete the modern day skort.  I plan on throwing some tights underneath and bringing this beauty with me into Fall and Winter.  I wore this outfit while frolicking around the SF with my gf Jess.  She took me to some of her fav spots around the city which included Chantal Guillon, the most delicious macaroons I have ever tasted! :)

*A huge thanks to Jess from Ryzenberg On for taking these sweet pics!!! If you haven’t already ck out her blog!! IMG_5496 IMG_5478 IMG_5488 IMG_5497 IMG_5499 IMG_5482 IMG_5487 IMG_5489

Blouse-Joie via Crossroads Trading, Boots-Kohls, Skort-Zara, Bag-Halogen, Sunnies-F21



Scribe Winery

On the 2nd day of my Sonoma getaway we went to Scribe Winery.  I have been to Napa a few times, but this was my first adventure to Sonoma’s much smaller, intimate vineyards. The setting at Scribe is unbelievable and it was one of my favorite spots on the trip! The weather was warm, but nothing beats breezing through the vineyards on ropes and swings! :)

IMG_5590 IMG_5594 IMG_5598 IMG_5600

IMG_5569 IMG_5574 IMG_5592 IMG_5573 Shorts- DL1961, Necklace-Etsy, Rings-VIntage, Blouse-Ted Baker, Sunnies-Ray Ban’s, Hat-Nordstrom Rack (similar), Shoes-Sam Edelman

IMG_5579 IMG_5568 IMG_5582 IMG_5584

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Black in ALL Black

City life seems to come in one shade, Black. Hundreds of people passing you by in head to toe black.  I love it.  Today’s look was what I wore shopping on Fillmore Street with my girlfriend, Jess! We visited the fab Alice and Olivia store that was filled with tons of goodies I can only dream about.  filmore street, IMG_5463 IMG_5471 IMG_5465

Tank-Thrifted, Pants-Gap, Jacket-St John (similar here), Sunnies-Forever21, Shoes-Kohls, Rings-Nordstrom/Vintage, Bag-Halogen

filmore st, alice and olivia IMG_5467

filmore st, alice and olivia




Saucy in Sausalito

Hi friends! Long time no see. This past week was BANANAS, missing Monday and playing catch up from being in Sonoma caused me to skip blogging entirely.  But I am back, one year older, wiser, stronger….who am I kidding? I feel the exact same!

Today’s look features my best friend/sister, Annie. Annie lives in the bay area and if you’ve been following AVC you know I try to make multiple visits to  SF to visit her and soak up my favorite West Coast city.  In all my trips to SF I have somehow skipped the beautiful city of Sausalito and man oh man have I been missing out! We headed to a restaurant on the water called Bar Bocce, where there was a Bocce Ball court. How kickass is that?! Sure I have been to places that have Boccee before, but the setting, on the water is just too good to be true.  IMG_5421IMG_5422IMG_5423IMG_5420IMG_5427IMG_5428IMG_5430

On Annie: H&M tank and leggings, Jacket-St John, Shoes-Sam Edelman, Jewelry-Vintage, Sunnies-Ray Bans

On myself: Sweater-Nordstrom, Jacket-Vintage (borrowed from Annie), Shorts-Old Navy, Sunnies-F21, Bag-Lo&Sons, Shoes-Chinese Laundry (similar here)

IMG_5437 IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5440 IMG_5441 IMG_5443We had drinks and divulged in squash blossom pizza. It was to die for people!



30 Isn’t Old, It is GOLD!

Hey there!

It’s official, I am about to turn 30 tomorrow! With every birthday I feel like I learn more, understand more and attempt to do more.  I am more aware, more transparent, more reasonable, more loving, more vulnerable, more caring and MORE FUN!!! Cheers to 30 reasons I am stoked to turning 30:


1) I am not 20
2) I have solidified my major core values, likes and dislikes.
3) I know what works and what doesn’t work with my hair.
4) I can successfully file my own taxes (thanks E) :)
5) I am in LOVE with a wonderful man who makes me smile everyday.
6) Cheap shoes are not even an option anymore.
7) My taste buds are snobby. Some may think this is a bad thing, but I remember the days when Ramen, Spaghetti with canned tomato sauce, and easy mac was the norm. Woof! Gone are those days.
8) It is not uncommon for me to cry daily. I am moved by the smallest things and feel my emotions so much more intensely than I ever have before.
9) I officially have the travel bug. Although this is always something that I have been into, the locations for travel have changed. Dreaming of Europe in 2 years & Hawaii with my Dapper Fellow. <3
10) I don’t care who likes or dislikes me. Ok, maybe this is one I am still working on :) This year especially I have come to an acceptance that all I can do is be the best that I can be and the people who don’t care to stick around for the ride aren’t people I want to be associated myself with.
11) I have a job that brings me joy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Who can say that?
12) My mom has become one of my best friends. This relationship wasn’t always easy for us, but these past few years have felt like dream. She is one of the greatest women I know and I look up to her every day.
13) I buy fewer impulse, cheap, bargains and find myself saving and only purchasing investment pieces. 
14) I am the exact opposite of cool and I embrace it.
15) I am not afraid of much.
16) I am learning the importance of keeping my mouth shut. LEARNING is the key word. :)
17) Whether it’s eating a meal, going to a movie, or just exploring around my city. I feel comfortable hanging out alone.
18) I love cooking. Not so much the cleaning, but I have really gotten more experimental with my cooking and feel very confident in the kitchen.
19) I am no longer terrified of having a child in my future. 
20) I know what it means to set “healthy boundaries”
21) I understand the meaning of real friendship. A lot of shit goes down in your 20’s. You cry, fight, see each other at her worst, but hopefully you come out on top, recognizing how important each of your roles are for one another’s life. My girlfriends are the absolute BEST!
22) Remember all those annoying things that your parents do? Yeah, I definitely do all of those things.
23) Although I had an amazing time in college, living in the real world is so much more gratifying.
24) I know what true happiness feels like and I am there now.
25) I don’t have all the answers and that’s ok.
26) I can’t wear the majority of cut-off shorts sold in stores and am forced to make my own.
27) I understand the value of sleep
28) I realize the importance of knowing when to splurge and when to save. 
29) I know the importance of saying “I’m Sorry”
30) I have created a very self-assured, eclectic style that I take pride in. 
The best part of this birthday is that I have an entire new decade to learn, grow, love and develop more! That itself is so powerful and I cannot believe I am as blessed to be in this life of mine. God, you’re far too good to me and I am grateful for every single day!

Instagram Thursday’s

Greetings from SF! I have only been here 1 night and am having the best time with my sista Annie.  Here is my week via Instagram…b3 The gorgeous Ashley from Golden Divine. My gfs Krystal, Jessie and I having an epic pool day. My new amazeballs ankle booties from Kohls. “Keep your beautiful imagination and your exquisite humor!”b2 I love a good Drybar experience. Dinner in Olive and Ivy’s private room. The perfect setting for Ashley’s going away party.  Black on Black on Black for a day full of errands.b1 Quayeyeware, so hot right now. Bombass eagle necklace. Night out with my B-licious.  New obsession-Sprouts Strawberry bars! :)

bI love this quote. It keeps me going when it’s easy to feel defeated.  Z Cafe, is a fab restaurant I just discovered. Love their sandwiches. Impromptu date night with my boo. W Scottsdale’s warning for our Labor Day stay! LOL

I hope you’re all having a blessed week. Stay tuned tomorrow for me to talk about turning 30! It should be a good one! :)




Edgy Neons

Good Morning!

This dress is one of the steals I was able to snag up at the H&M $5 Sale. I have been living in this thing ALL  summer. It is so lightweight and the pops of neon match with nearly everything.  I slept in these booties last night. Ok, maybe not, but I wanted to.  I have a feeling this leather jacket/boot combo will be on repeat come fall. :)IMG_5403 IMG_5416 IMG_5407 IMG_5418 IMG_5389 IMG_5414 IMG_5409 IMG_5410


Dress-H&M (similar), Booties-Kohls, (See yesterday’s post here), Bag-Pour La Victoire via Anniversary Sale, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Necklaces-Forever 21



THE Ankle Boot

Hey Tuesday! This week is a short one for me. I leave tomorrow night for San Francisco to celebrate my b-day.  I am looking forward to relaxing and being with my girlfriends.  We are heading up to Sonoma for the weekend and I cannot even wait.  I ordered these booties in hopes that they would arrive before my trip.  I hate the anxiety of waiting for a package. Am I right? Anyways, they came this morning and I immediately put them on! The height is perfect and the gold hardware…RIDICULOUS.  What do you think? I ordered these from Kohl’s, which was a first for me.  They are a knockoff of the Chloe shoe seen here. Not too shabby for $24 bucks.  Also check out more reasonable versions here and here.

IMG_5383 IMG_5385 IMG_5380 IMG_5387 IMG_5384 IMG_5382 IMG_5392 IMG_5391Shirtdress-Sandra Ingrish, (Love this color), Shoes-Kohls, Sunnies-Ray Ban, Bag-Halogen (old, but I love this one), Necklace-Vintage

Make yourself a great day today!




A Rockstar Baby Shower

TGIF party people!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my dear friend Kaylee’s Bridal Shower. Kaylee’s family and my family grew up together in Tucson.  I love any occasion where we all can get together! You may remember my post from this past Christmas when all of us ladies attended our anual Mother/Daughter Brunch!

Kaylee seriously looks like she’s wearing a fake baby suit.  She is as radiant and stunning as always.  Her fiance is in a band so naturally the shower was “rockstar” themed! I had so much fun celebrating this beauty! The shower was thrown by the lovely Melissa Defer (Kaylee’s Sister-In-Law), my partner in crime since age 14. :)

IMG_5360 IMG_5369 IMG_5364 IMG_5361 IMG_5378 IMG_5372 IMG_5365 IMG_5377 IMG_5367

kaylee defer's bridal showerIMG_5373 IMG_5379 IMG_5371 IMG_5370 IMG_5362 IMG_5358Liam, Melissa’s son was on his way out when we showed up. I love running into this handsome little man.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!





Instagram Thursday

Hey Hey!!!

It’s been a minute since my last  Instagram Thursday! I seriously don’t know where the summer went.  The last 3 months have been a complete, yet awesome whirlwind.  Lot’s of mini vay cays,  pool days,  DIY’s, concerts, baseball, dinners with friends, and of course NEW SHOES!!!! I’ve recapped some of my favorite pics capturing the last few weeks…insta 4I am in the process of making shirts for my pizzeria that have this amaze statement on it. Cubbies are in town! My new favorite shoes from Piperlime! So comfy and the black and subtle white go with ery’thang.  One of my DIY flower headbands I have been making. 

insta 3 I haven’t worn these bad boys yet, but I can’t wait.  I really like cool statement t’s and this one has that extra girly touch. My new fav pool accessory.  Iced Americano, yes please.

insta 2 Relaxing at the W. Love these Jolt shorts. I started swimming again, I am training for the La Jolla Rough Water Swim next month w/my mom.  Another beautiful AZ sunset!

insta 1 We went to the Fitz and the Tantrums concert with my fam and it was awesome! Definitely check them out.  My weekend obsession, all things Chop Shop.


Purple sky, no filter. Flowers from Pike’s Place Market.  Lazy Saturday with my best. Amazing little slipper flats!