Instagram Thursday’s

One of the highlights of my week was reconnecting with my great friend Ashley from college. We shared a good part of our late teens and early 20’s together.  I transferred colleges and went to Vancouver and she moved to Maui and like everything else in life we got busy and lost touch. But, through the powers of Instagram we reconnected and met up for coffee. You know how you have those friends where you won’t talk for years and when you get together it’s as though no time has passed? That’s how Ash & I will always be. Ck out this picture of us below at the wee age of 21. :)81723a7ade2611e2ab4c22000a1faffd_7 1e18d0cadc3b11e2951522000a1f99d1_7 d0fcec62db7d11e2b15c22000a9e06ef_7 b78e8438db6511e2a2af22000a9f14a5_7 7a827b0ada8711e2be5722000a1fac35_7 ca7addb2da2511e2adbc22000a9e17d5_7 f32468aad9f311e2829822000a9f1487_7 42f800d4de6e11e2a47522000a9f1390_7 dfc38c0ed89b11e2be8622000a9f192b_7 e81cc19edc6b11e2828a22000a9f191e_7 db1a7bead9d111e2a92822000aeb0d34_7 ad4cf452dae611e293ab22000aeb0c17_7 73f9c274dbdc11e296a022000ae913db_7



PS. I am linking up with some fab gals! Ck out what bloggers participated here!

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  1. Thanks for linking up Amy. Love your glasses.