Mini Mexico Moments

Happy Tuesday loves!

Here are a few more pics from my Mexico getaway. I think it’s safe to say we consumed every fruit possible from the beach vendors. I am still full from tortillas, ceviche, oysters, tacos and beer.  I enjoyed it so much that I am already planning a trip back. See you in a few weeks Mexico…m1 m2 m3


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8 responses to “Mini Mexico Moments

  1. So jealous. What I wouldn’t give for a vacation. Looks like you had a well deserved fun vacation.


  2. Looks like soo much fun.. i want to go to mexico but I’m super worried abotu safety. What areas do you think are the safest??

    • I am so glad you asked this gf!!! We were just talking about how many people are hesitant towards traveling down south because of fear. It’s funny because the majority of those who say that haven’t even been to Mexico before. I think it’s common for people to assume the non-border towns are the safest ie: Cabo, Puerto Vallerta, or Cancun. You have to fly there and they’re VERY modernized and it almost doesn’t feel like Mexico. I love every part of that country and hope to go to Guadalajara next!!! I can’t wait to hear how you enjoy it if you go!!!


  3. This looks like so much fun!! I’ve never been to Mexico and now you’re making me want to visit!!

  4. Hope you had a great holiday (vacation) Amy! Looks like it was a blast :)