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Instagram Thursday’s-Plus I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Hello fashionistas! I hope your morning is off with a bang! I have lovely Instagramies to share with you, but first I have to ask your help on something! As some of you may know from my Nice to meet ya 29 post I manage my family’s restaurants.  And we have been nominated for “Best Pizza of the Valley.” We have received many “best of” awards in the past, but this one would truly be an honor to win, as we are up against amazing establishments.  In the last picture of my INstagramies I have a notepad with a website on it and I would be forever grateful if you wouldn’t mind taking the time and voting for Jimmy and Joe’s! Thank you for your love and support! It means a lot to me!

 Click here to vote! You may vote once a day from each electronic device!

Have a grrrrrrrreat day!



2 Besties, 2 Fall Looks you must try!

Hey loves!

Did you know that this morning you were about to partake in a double dose of sass and glam? :) Well you are! Today I am featuring my best friend/sister/partner in crime/fashionista KRYSTAL BAKER!!! Krystal and I were mobbin around town and I couldn’t resist her adorbs outfit.  I want to start featuring more of my gorgeous, fashionable friends so without further adieu I present to you my KB <3

Blouse-Trouve, Jeans-Paige, Wedges-Steve Madden, Scarf-Forever 21, Sweater-Halogen, Bag-Elliot Lucca, Hat-David and Young, Belt/Jewelry-Vintage, Glasses-Unknown (which I am pissed about bc I want them!)

What I love about Krystal’s look is that it screams “effortless Fall!”  Arizona doesn’t get super cold, so light layers are key.  I love the mixed animal prints, bold colors, nude heel, muted jean and blouse.  All of the pieces are strong on their own, yet they somehow work well put together. Krystal is so good at throwing together outfits and taking risks in her fashion.  She can truly pull off anything!

Blouse-Karen Kane, Jeans-J Brand, Boots-Steve Madden, Bag-Halogen, Vest-Ebay  (4 years ago) Sunnies-Vintage Dior, Necklace-BP

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!



Cozy Weekend Wear

One of my favorite things about Arizona is the fall/winter months. The air is crisp, but the sun is shining.  We cozied up inside the condo most of the weekend only leaving Saturday evening for a walk to our friends house.  When bundling up it is easy to make the mistake of too many thick layers and you end up looking bulky.  It is best to start small and work your way to the larger thicker layers. Tank top, long sleeved shirt or sweater, scarf and heavy coat.

Liquid Leggings-TJ Maxx, Boots-Carlos Santana per TJ Maxx, Bag-See by Chloe, Sunnies-Quicksilver-borrowed from Dapper Fellow, Tank-H&M, Sweater-BoBeau



P.S. Last week I dyed my hair and got this Keratin straightening treatment put on it and I am in LOVE. If you know somewhere you can get this done I highly recommend it. I did the organic Chi brand treatment.  It eliminates frizz, straightens naturally curly hair, and makes getting out of the shower and out the door so much faster. The best part about it is that it doesn’t damage, ruin or permanently straighten your wavy hair. Similar to color it will just wash out as time goes on! It is such a perfect treatment to get done just in time for holiday’s!

Easy DIY Cap Toe Flats

Good Morning and Happy Veterans Day lovelies! Hopefully everyone has the day off and can honor the Vets in your life.  Today I am featuring a little DIY project that kept me busy this weekend.  I love the cap toe trend and considering I am on a spending freeze I thought I would get creative and attempt to dye one of my many pairs of suede shoes. **Stay tuned later this week for how I paired these bad boys**

To begin chose your shoe. I chose suede because it absorbs fabric paint the best. (Says Joan, the woman at Michael’s who helped me buy my supplies)

I am not a huge craft person. I love that this project only consists of 5 things besides the shoes…Fabric paint, tape, paintbrush, paper towels, and old newspaper/bag/magazines for underneath the shoe:


Tape paper towels on both shoes to prevent spillage and to ensure you get a nice, even, smooth line.  Now you’re ready to start painting. I applied 3 coats of a black sparkle paint.Allow to dry for about 30 minutes then remove the tape!

I love how they came out and I am considering getting a gold colored paint and adding a small gold stripe where the black and blue meet.Have you tried any DIY projects lately? Do tell! I want to start doing more projects like this.  Have a great Monday!




Who’s Dat Army Chick?!

TGIF! I am SOOOOOOOO excited for the weekend!!! I have been dragging BIG time this week!  Looking forward to relax with Dapper Fellow, sleep in and enjoy some down time!!  He has been teaching how to “chill” more and not always be going going gone.  I will be honest, I don’t hate doing nothing with him.  :)  Today’s outfit is so random, consisting with menswear/army/casual pieces.  I am so IN LOVE WITH these boots, however I realize they are super masculine and feel like a boy every time I wear them!  I have noticed combat style boots popping up everywhere.  I am really into the two toned colored ones and boots with spikes, zippers, or any other hardware.   I also love these army leggings. (sidenote-how annoying is it when guys make comments about you being in the war, or not being able to see you when you are wearing anything army? What is it about this print that encourages them to speak fashion upon us? Am I the only one this happens to? I must have had 3 random dudes “make fun” of the fact I was wearing army pants.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

Pants-Go Jane, Shirt-Zara, Shoes-Forever 21 (3 years old), Sweater-Halogen, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Watch-Timex, Bracelets-Forever/Nordstroms

I hope you all have such an awesome FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Instagram Thursday’s

Good morning! Another long week for this girl. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Tuesday felt like an entire week itself! Here is my recap of the week via Instagram.

Have a fab day loves!




AVC Revealed- Accessories

Hellllo Wednesday!!!!!!!!  How you livin?! Today is my first post of my NEW AVC Revealed section of the blog! Yay…Get Excited!!!! Today’s post is about my ACCESSORIES!!!  I often get asked how I store/keep my jewelry.  It has taken me a good 2 years to finally put into place a practical storage situation.  Having things out in the open or at least easily accessible is crucial for me.  If I can’t see it I won’t wear it.  I used an old armoire that I have had since high school and spray painted the doors Seafoam. On the top shelf is where I keep all my sunglasses, wrap, friendship, and beaded bracelets, and my rings.  On the bottom shelf is all of my bangles, watches, earrings, and lipsticks.

Here is a closer look at the top shelf:

Ring display:

Bottom shelf: Bangles on wine bottle, bangles, photo album from my best friend, earring tree, bowties, lipsticks

Another thing I love about this shelving is that I can close the door to make it not exposed. Do you have a good technique to storing accessories?

I look forward to sharing with you how I store my clothes, shoes and more!



V is for VOTE!

Remember on Sesame Street how each show was brought to you by the letter…? “Well today’s post is brought to you by the letter V!” Today is November 6th 2012 and also voting day. Without getting political I want to touch briefly on this practice.  I believe it is important for everyone, no matter the party or belief to vote.  It is something that defines us as American’s.  It is something that women fought to get rights to participate in.  It’s what makes us a democracy.  To not participate seems so un-American. Out of respect of what our country stands for you should vote!


Blouse-c/o Nostalgic Boutique, Sweater-Gap, Skirt-American Apparel, Shoes-Taryn, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Clutch-Vintage Gucci, Rings-Forever 21, Watch-Target

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!




A Little Leather Love

Well hello there Monday! I am happy to see you! Dapper Fellow and I had a very mellow weekend and it was fabulous. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week! Today’s look is from my Saturday morning date with my BF Krystal.  We went to brunch, walked around and I helped her find a dress for an upcoming wedding.  I love wearing shorts year round for daytime activities.  Even when it gets a little chilly I just add tights underneath.  What I like about both of these pieces is that they can be fancied up or dressed down like I am wearing here.  Perfect weekend attire.

Shirt-Zara, Shorts-Urban Outfitters, Bag-Halogen, Sunnies/Bracelets/Rings/Necklace-Forever 21

Don’t forget tomorrow is voting day!




Inside The Bungalow

Good Morning! Happy Savory Sunday!

Today I am writing about one of my favorite coffee shops called Inside The Bungalow, located in Mesa, Arizona.  This spot is not only a cafe, but doubles as a darling, one of a kind wedding venue.  Tucked back in historic Mesa you can find this charming, antique house that looks like it was transported from the Midwest.  I first discovered this great spot when I was looking for a good LOCAL coffee shop that is close to my work.  When I walked up I fell in LOVE as I am sure you will based on the pictures.

I get the same thing every time. 16 oz Americano with 2 Sugar In The Raw.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a good cup of coffee or two!