DIY: How To Make a Holiday Wreath

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Hello loves! I am so excited to share with you an awesome DIY project just in time for the Holiday’s! My gf’s and I always seem to do arts and crafts whenever we get together. Maybe it’s the fact that we all are getting older, maybe it’s because we are becoming domestic? Who knows, but I’ll take it! Krystal and I planned this wreath making session a few weeks ago. We each bought a wreath and additional supplies separately then piled them together and went at it.  I went for a green wreath and Krystal went for a more branchy look.  Although we shared supplies what I love most about our wreaths is how different they are from each other’s.

What YOU need: Wreath, hot glue gun, supplies of your choice, scissors, and ribbon (I bought flowers, bells, birds, garland, pine cones, ornaments, and holly)

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Krystal’s finished product:

My finished product:

The best part about making these was how fun and easy it was. You literally can use anything to make a wreath.  You may remember my best friend Annie from this post. Check out her wreath that she made out of old hymnals from her grandmother!

diy christmas wreath

Happy wreath making!



5 responses to “DIY: How To Make a Holiday Wreath

  1. The wreathes are beautiful. Years ago I had a lot of fun making a pine cone wreath. This post motivates me to get my glue gun and craft supplies out and make a new one.

  2. That looks amazing. I have a few ideas to DIY for next Christmas. I’ll have to add this to my list.