Easy DIY Cap Toe Flats

Good Morning and Happy Veterans Day lovelies! Hopefully everyone has the day off and can honor the Vets in your life.  Today I am featuring a little DIY project that kept me busy this weekend.  I love the cap toe trend and considering I am on a spending freeze I thought I would get creative and attempt to dye one of my many pairs of suede shoes. **Stay tuned later this week for how I paired these bad boys**

To begin chose your shoe. I chose suede because it absorbs fabric paint the best. (Says Joan, the woman at Michael’s who helped me buy my supplies)

I am not a huge craft person. I love that this project only consists of 5 things besides the shoes…Fabric paint, tape, paintbrush, paper towels, and old newspaper/bag/magazines for underneath the shoe:


Tape paper towels on both shoes to prevent spillage and to ensure you get a nice, even, smooth line.  Now you’re ready to start painting. I applied 3 coats of a black sparkle paint.Allow to dry for about 30 minutes then remove the tape!

I love how they came out and I am considering getting a gold colored paint and adding a small gold stripe where the black and blue meet.Have you tried any DIY projects lately? Do tell! I want to start doing more projects like this.  Have a great Monday!




12 responses to “Easy DIY Cap Toe Flats

  1. Great idea Amy! I must try that some time. How long is left on your spending freeze?

  2. They look amazing Amy. Great job and great idea.



  3. What a great idea! I need to try this ASAP :)

  4. I’m dying right now. Cool DIY!

  5. That’s awesome & economical, I love your creativity! Simply Jyune xo….

  6. I love it! They turned out perfect!

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