Savory Sunday’s-Ollie Cake

Honestly, who doesn’t like cupcakes? I had the pleasure of delighting in one of the best cupcakes I have ever had at Ollie Cupcake’s in Phoenix this weekend.  Such a hole in the wall that could easily go unnoticed.  “On average, they use 75% organic ingredients in their baking.” In addition, they source local ingredients whenever possible such as eggs, dairy, nuts, honey and more. In their words…”Better for you, better for the environment.” Nothing makes me more happy than finding places like Ollie’s. I will need to go back for the cookies that’s for sure!

It is businesses like this that make me want to be a better business owner. “Urban Cookies’ commitment to its community started on day one when its owners created a trade agreement with the non-profit that gave them their start – free use of their kitchen in exchange for teaching some of their at-risk teen girls to bake and run a business. To this day, Urban Cookies continues to support Florence Crittenton’s mission with cash donations and in-kind cookie and gift donations for fundraisers.”

“Throughout the years, Urban Cookies has provided additional job training and mentorship to clients from organizations such as Good Will of Central Arizona and Southwest Autism Resource and Research Center. In addition, it provides internship experiences to culinary institute students from across the Valley, allowing them the rare opportunity to learn directly from a small business owner.”

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



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