Instagram Thursday’s-Spending Freeze Update

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am approaching my season for work and it feels soooo good to be busy. It also forces me to be more organized and get more done.  2 weeks ago I introduced you to the Carrie Bradshaw Effect that I have committed to take part in with fellow bloggers. If you didn’t read about it, it’s basically a shopping freeze until Jan 1. Not shopping has not been as bad as I thought it would be. It was perfect timing to me working more hours and having more on my plate.  Conveniently, Dapper Fellow has kicked his shopping up a notch. Taking full advantage of TopMan in our local Nordstrom. :) It is fun to get excited about men’s clothing though. It is so different than ours. I will be sure to update you along the way and I assure you that it will not all be positive and easy reports. I am heading to SF in 2 weeks to visit my sister and our favorite past time to do together is thrift. It’s going to be very hard! Here is my week via gram…

Make this day worth it! Hug someone, drink good coffee, laugh hard where your stomach hurts, call a family member, be thankful you’re alive!!!!!!!!!!  :)



4 responses to “Instagram Thursday’s-Spending Freeze Update

  1. i went on a shopping hiatus awhile back and just like you said, it was much worse than i thought it would be! i don’t think we realize how much we shop to relieve stress, entertain ourselves and our closets (haha). anyway, i made it through and lived to tell about it. so you can do it, girlie. i’m actually thinking about going strictly to thrift stores for awhile and even throwing a budget cap on that! good luck- i know you can make it! just think “remix”.

    oh and if you would like to know of some great thrift shops in sf so you can be tortured while your sis shops, let me know! :) does thrifting really have to count?! i guess so, huh?

    p.s. LOVE the gold bow with the gold necklace and lace blouse. gorge!


  2. Good luck on the spending freeze! I took part in a 90-day shopping challenge earlier this year and it was a great experience. It forced me to be more creative with my current wardrobe, and more critical when considering new purchases. Definitely a worthwhile adventure!

  3. Maybe you could be my personal shopper for thrifting while you’re here. See ya soon!

    • Kachet! I am totally down for that. I actually have been doing a little shopping for my mom. It’s so funny and amazing how much it helps. I feel an addict saying that lol. Can’t waaaait to see you!