Mustard Pants

Ok. It is official. I am declaring it fall. Yes I realize the temps are still 100 in AZ, but I am boycotting summer/indian summer/tank tops from now on. That is until I pass out from overheating.  I ventured to the storage unit this weekend to gather my fall/winter threads and was elated when I opened the “colored jeans” box.  I absolutely LOVE colored pants. Dapper Fellow bought me these ones last year and at first I didn’t know if the color would work for me. It didn’t take long to discover how much I could wear them with.

Pants-Bella Dahl (Nordstrom Rack), Vest/Shirt-Thrifted, Boots-Urban Outfitters, Watch Ring-Vintage, Bracelets-Nordstrom/Banana Republic/F21, Sunnies-HOH

Have a great day!



7 responses to “Mustard Pants

  1. I’m declaring fall too! (Although its going to be 100 this weekend in NorCal) When will mother nature listen to us? At least if you pass out, you will look great :)

  2. I know Kacie! Are you up in Sac? Desert heat is ruining our fall dreams! :) xo

  3. work it out, girl! this outfit is super-duper cute… just don’t fall over on us from that extreme heat!