Buttoned up Floral

Floral has to be right up there with stripes for me in the favorite pattern category. Both carry such versatility and are easy to pair with almost everything! Even though I am DYING for fall I have had to wait in breaking out the full blown autumn threads.  This Peter Pan style collar I have worn before here, but thought of mixing it up and wearing it underneath the shirt.  What is it about these collars that make an outfit look so put together?

Shirt-Vintage, Shorts-8 fourteen, Shoes-Target, Sunnies-Forever 21, Collar-Ebay

As I mentioned last month there are awesome opportunities happening at AVC. Stay tuned tomorrow when I share what the next 3 months will entail!



2 responses to “Buttoned up Floral

  1. I think what’s great about peter pan collars is that they give any shirt a vintage flair. Cool shirt by the way-I see it transitioning nicely into fall. Can’t wait until the new season comes, though! I’m ready to delve into the wonderful world of layering!

  2. i’m so jealous of your lovely tan! i look like casper… no joke! pretty outfit! :)