Miu Miu Debut

I am totally and utterly smitten by these slippers. I am very excited for the weather to cool down so I can wear them with pants, blazers, scarfs etc.  This is a shoe I saw and fell in love with instantly.  I am normally not one to splurge on…well anything, but my bday was around the corner and my sweet dapper fellow surprised me with them! :) The loafer or “smoking slipper” is going to be hot for fall and considering there isn’t much snow/rain here I plan on wearing them throughout the year.  For a more reasonable purchase I am LOVING the Gap versions of this shoe here here here.

Shorts-Trouve, Shirt-Gilden, Shoes-Miu Miu, Sunnies-Vintage Dior, Bag-Tracy Reese

Happy Tuesday!!!



11 responses to “Miu Miu Debut

  1. They are really quirky! I like!

  2. These are ridiculously cute. I LOVE the smoking slipper (though I wish there was another name for it… let’s go with loafer!) and I have been on the hunt for a leopard print one! I’m jealous that you get to wear them year-round… I’ll have like a one month window before I’m only wearing them while sitting at my desk. Lame!

  3. Smoking slippers! I just bought a pair last month after seeing them on gojane’s website where they made some Hugh Hefner reference in their shoe description, so unfortunately that’s now what I think about whenever I see them. Anyways, I love the vibrant top and how it gives what could have been a bold necklace a more subtle look! It’s like a stylish optical illusion…

  4. Thanks for your likes! That necklace is amazing – just my style. Is it vintage as well?

  5. Ohh….I love, love those slippers!! They look divine on you!x

  6. I love your top and shoes! Also, those sunglasses look fabulous on you!


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