Clothing Swap

Last night I attended a “clothing swap” with my mom and some wonderful ladies. I have always heard of these going on, but I have never attended one before.  My friend Joy set it up and it was such a fun time.  She surely knows how to throw a party. She made little bags with all of our names on it and then inside had our number which was the order in which we would shop.  From there she randomly would draw a number and each group took turns browsing the merchandise.  Anything left over was donated.  It looks like the host was bopping around so much I wasn’t able to snap a picture. :(

Have you lovelies ever been to one of these? If not, I totally recommend setting one up for you and your girlfriends! Have a great weekend and thanks again Joy!





9 responses to “Clothing Swap

  1. I’ve done this with my friends before, except it was way less organized. We just threw hundreds of pieces down on the couch because we didn’t have clothing racks. What kind of finds did you nab?

    • I realized that after I posted this I didn’t take any pics of my scores. I got 2 dresses, 1 from Ann Taylor and 1 from H&M and a vase! It wasn’t just clothes it was everything! :)

  2. I’ve wanted to do one for ages! Such a nifty idea and it looks like your friend did a great job with the food and decorations

  3. I’ve wanted to do this! Thanks for sharing…I just might have to have a similar party:)

  4. This is the best idea I have ever heard. I need to read more about this in the future. I love it. I need to be one of your friends so I can be invited to one of these someday!

  5. The Sacramento Fashion Bloggers have a group on Facebook and one of the gals organized a clothing swap for us. It was amazing! I want to do another one soon!

  6. This is a great idea! I love the bags, too.

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