Instagram Thursday’s-plus 32 years of marriage

This Instagram Thursday post is special because it is my parents wedding anniversary.  They celebrate 32 years of marriage today.  I love them very much and wouldn’t be the person that I am today without them leading the way always showing me how to laugh, love others that hurt you, make the right decisions, go to school, chase your dreams, stay one step ahead of the game, travel often, never settle, set boundaries, work hard and play hard.

Most of my life I have always been a daddy’s girl. We work together, are designed exactly the same, like all the same things, react similar in situations and literally laugh the majority of the day.  But the most precious gift this past year has been getting to know, love, and appreciate my mom SO much deeper than I have in the past.  We too are always laughing, but it is a different kind of connection that I have longed for my entire life.  She is so healthy, has the best advice, loves hollywood gossip, and we bond over shopping and coffee! Oh and she takes about half of my blog pics as well!  I feel so blessed to have them both so active in my life.  Happy 32 years to parents, my heart.

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One response to “Instagram Thursday’s-plus 32 years of marriage

  1. Happy belated birthday! Did you get everything you wanted? :) I wish I could be married for that long! They must love each other so much that’s cute! Tell them I said congrats!