Yellow Bauble

One of my favorite ways to shop for new items is online.  This day in age there are so many options for us it just seems silly to pay full price. My go-to sites are etsy and ebay.  You can always find deals and replicas of almost anything in stores.  When I first saw this bauble necklace from Jcrew I fell in love. I found a few sites that had it for about half the price, but after digging a little deeper I found this one on ebay which is so much in my price range.  When you are buying such a statement item like this I don’t see a point in splurging on it.  I just got it back from a girlfriend who was borrowing it for a few months and I couldn’t believe how much I missed it.  :)

Dress-Suzi Chin, Necklace-Ebay, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Bag-Gap, Sandals-Tory Burch, Bracelets-Ebay/Bfrend



8 responses to “Yellow Bauble

  1. LOVE the blue and yellow together! Adorable!!

  2. I love this necklace! Great find and very collective look!

  3. This is definitely my kind of outfit! So cute! Want to borrow the dress for Thunder season :-)

  4. Such a pretty pop with this blue dress. I want this necklace but haven’t wanted to spend the money since I’ve seen it so many places. Yellow’s been my favorite too. Thanks for reminding me I have other options to find it :)


  5. Love this! I’ve been lusting after that J.Crew necklace for quite some time but I can’t bring myself to spend that much on it. I need to find an inspired version too!

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