Transitional Pieces

I think it’s important to have pieces in your wardrobe that are not strictly limited to a season like “summer” “winter” etc.   I try and focus on that when shopping for new things to implement into my clothing.  Fall is the hardest season for me to transition into.  In Arizona our summer lasts until the end of September and by that time the fall fashion is halfway over in store fronts.

Starring at my closet, looking for something to wear I remembered a pair of shorts I was given last winter that I have never worn…These shorts are a velvety material and at first glance I pictured perfectly combined with tights/boots or heels, but they’re lightweight enough to pair with this basic t and sandals.

Shirt-Frenchi, Shorts-Mink Pink, Shoes-Sam Edelman, Bracelet-Forever 21, Watch-Target, Clutch/Belt-Vintage, Necklace-Franchesca’s

Stay tuned for more outfits on the topic of transitioning into fall.  I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!



6 responses to “Transitional Pieces

  1. farnazmannequinsf

    those shorts are HOT!!!!

  2. Love those shorts!!!!

  3. i love the sandals…sam edelman is the best!