Nice to meet ya 29!

I love this blog for the carefree, fun, exciting, creative hobby that it is.  I love sharing my passions with all of you, meeting new friends, getting excited about the little things and having a healthy outlet to look forward to.  I am always honest and down to earth with all of you, but today, marking my 29th birthday is about to get REAL.  I have been seeing bloggers across the world doing posts similar to this and I feel that it’s important to share the nitty gritty alongside with our favorite makeup obsessions and why collared necklaces have transformed our professional wear.  So here goes…

A lot of personal and career changes happened for me at the end of 27.  It began when I was living in San Diego and I lost my job of 3 years.  At 27, remaining single the majority of my life and with my family living in another state, my job was in fact my life.  It was what I thought defined a person, what made someone more successful than the next.  The ultimate goal being to climb that invisible ladder, working your way up in hopes of receiving promotions and advances.  Then one day it was taken from me.  Not just the job, but my identity, my pride, my hard work, all the years of dedication leading up to this company as well as working for this company, my love, my life, my heart. It was so broken.  I found myself in a state of utter depression.  I have never felt the amount of pain that I experienced.   I believe that it takes a lot of time, prayer, and growth to move on from things healthily so I let my recovery begin.

Dozens of friends and family members began to shine their love, prayers and encouragement on me.  I found myself little by little coming back to life.  I got an AWESOME job with new AMAZING bosses, got a great roommate, met so many new people, decided to move back to Phoenix to be with my family, and saving the best for last met and fell in love with the man who is everything I have prayed for my entire life.

What 28 has brought me-  I live in Tempe, Arizona with my Dapper Fellow.  I work for my father.  Our family owns two pizzeria’s in the valley and I manage one of them.  My job doesn’t define me anymore.  I gained 10 lbs.  I am able to travel again.  I am reconnecting with a lot of old friends.  I get to see my parents every week.  I spend time with my brother and his girlfriend.  I know the meaning of the word relax.  I started a blog.   I get to go to my old church.  I make half as much money as I did in San Diego and I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE FULFILLED OR THIS HAPPY IN MY LIFE.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about how everything truly works out and happens for a reason.  Truthfully there are times where it still stings a little bit, but it is so easy to brush off.  I find myself smiling when I look at the blessings that came as a result.  If 28 was that good, bring on 29.  I can’t wait to see where life takes me.    Thank you for listening, following, being a part of my adventure.  I am off to eat as many macaroons as I can find!



6 responses to “Nice to meet ya 29!

  1. Thanks for being so honest. It gives me a lot to look forward to, and hoping I will find the same fulfillment you do. Happy 29!

  2. Lauren Zavisch

    Wow, what a year can bring, right?!! You should be so proud of all you have accomplished and the woman God has made you! You my dear were created for something GREAT, something only you can bring to this world! Thanks for blogging so I/we can see the light of your life shine so brightly! ALL my love and prayers for continued growth and abundant joy!! Love ya!

    • Lauren,
      I can’t thank you enough for these kind words. I am a work in progress and grateful to be around for the ride. Thanks for reading and supporting me and my adventures.

  3. So honest and real. You are a strong woman for only being 29. I love your blog and how quirky your writing is.

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