Casual Friday

TGIF Lovelies! Today’s outfit is something you can typically find me in during the weekend.  I am easily drawn to stripes.  These jeans I cut and made into shorts.  Is it me or are shorts getting shorter and shorter each summer? I didn’t buy any this year and stuck to taking scissors to my old jeans.  I like being able to control the length and have a few that are frayed and a few that are hemmed.  This is one of the reasons why I feel that it’s important to have a good tailor.


Shirt/Purse/Necklace/Ring-Vintage, Shorts-DIY Hudson cut offs, Shoes-Toms, Sunglasses-Forever 21, Watch-Nordstrom, Bracelets-Ebay

Make yourself a great day!



5 responses to “Casual Friday

  1. I totally agree. Shorts ARE getting shorter. I’m thinking of cutting up an old pair too at this point because lately all the ones I’ve seen aren’t really shorts and more. They look like big belts haha.

    Great casual, cool look for the weekend! Love the stripes with the red bag :)


    • LOL Nic I love the big belt analogy. So true though! I like having a length variety of cut offs as well as hemmed shorts. I was amazed how 4 old pairs of jeans transformed to my new short collection!

  2. I’m late, but I have a good excuse! :) Super cute outfit. Casual Friday, maybe but still super chic!

  3. Thank you Kacie and Kachet! :)