Adore it Afford it-Dreaming of FALL

Don’t get me wrong I love wearing brights, but this year more than any I am DREAMING of fall. I especially can’t wait for oranges, plums and browns, the leaves, the pumpkins and the drop of the 100 degrees hasn’t sounded more sweet.  Although we have at least another two months of heat left I am on the quest to begin implementing fall into my wardrobe.  I picked up these pants that I saw in an issue of Lucky Magazine. They were on super sale at The Loft and they fit so well. I can’t wait to wear them with boots and scarves! In store mine were 30% off of $29.99, but the online price is now 50% off of $39.99. When shopping online I always make a trip into the store to see if it’s cheaper and most of the time it is.

Pants-Loft, Shirt-Random La Jolla boutique, Jean shirt-Frenchi, Sunnies/Bag/Necklace-Vintage, Bracelets-Ebay, Ring-BP-(old), Shoes-Cole Hann LunarGrand Wingtip

What are you most excited for about fall?



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  1. These pants are such a great color for Fall…. or all year round in SF haha. I’m digging the rich colors and fabrics too. Are you loving your shoes? I’ve been considering them myself.


    • Ya I am normally not a big fan of purple but I like the deep hues of this color. I am jealous of your year round layers. Isn’t true everyone wants something they can’t have. :) I absolutely love these shoes and I can’t tell you how comfortable they are. My mom said my grandpa used to wear wingtips which to me makes them that much cooler. :)

  2. Love the colour of the pants, and I really love your brogues!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Caroline what is a brogue? Bracelet? :)

  4. Brogues are a particular type of shoe, traditionally made of leather with perforated designs and formerly worn in rural Ireland. I think the name “brogue” came from an old Gaelic (Irish) word. I have a couple of pairs of more traditional brogues, but yours are very cool and modern!

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