Vintage Neon Pink

Poppin Pink is my Dapper Fellow’s beverage of choice. That is the phrase that I think about when I look at this dress.  Perfect breezy attire for this HOT HOT heat that we have in AZ.  Dresses are an easy item to wear when you’re unsure of what to wear or how the dress code will be at any given event/occasion.  It is definitely my go-to item because it carries little fuss in styling. You can wear a dress by itself or add a belt, necklace, hat to create additional looks.  I  went to meet my mother for some QT and threw this one on with my oh so comfy cobalt blue sandals for a casual daytime look.  If I was to transform this for PM wear I would loose the belt, add a black wedge or heel, pull my hair back in a messy pony tail, add a bold necklace and a clutch and be out the door.  As I get older I find myself only purchasing things that I see longevity in, not just a one and done type of garment.

Sunnies-Forever21, Dress/Belt-Vintage, Shoes-Madeline, Bracelets-Nordstrom/Bfrend

While I am on the Bfrend topic have you guys heard of my friend Monika’s Bfrend Collection? Aren’t they such darling, affordable, girly bracelets. Monika of The Doctor’s Closet is a Vancouver native and we met while I was going to college in the Vancouver area.  She is adorable at everything fashionable, sparkly, and PINK! I know you will love her talent as much as I do. :)



6 responses to “Vintage Neon Pink

  1. Me too!!! Thanks Kacie!


  2. Great sandals!

  3. Couldn’t be described any other way than poppin pink! Love it!

  4. Amy I think the print and color on this is just great! DId you find it in AZ? I’m also curious what’s in that drink! 😉