Happy 4th of July-Chase Field

Since I am working for the 4th my dapper fellow took me to a baseball game last night.  We took the light rail, the local phx transit system in town which is always a fun adventure.  Sporting events are always tricky when it comes to picking the right outfit. You want to dress comfortable and laid back, however, not frumpy tom boy!!!  I always opt for sandals and shorts. A great go-to for walking a lot, and still remaining cute and stylish.

Shirt-Vintage, Shorts/Belt-Nordstrom, Bag-Tracy Reese, Sandals-Paul Green

THE Lemonade guy! A vendor that is a local fav at sporting events in the valley! The funny thing is we were just talking about him and there he comes down our aisle. :)  He is actually famous. Check him out here!

As we were leaving I snapped this…I love street performers.

Happy 4th my loves! Hope you’re all enjoying a great time celebrating this amazing country we are blessed to live in!!



2 responses to “Happy 4th of July-Chase Field

  1. LOVE your outfit! Happy 4th girl! :)

  2. Lyndsay Flating

    you are seriously so freaking adorable.