Indian Princess

When I was a child my dad and I did “Indian Princesses” It was a group similar to girl scouts that would meet weekly and we did crafts, earned badges and spent time with our daddy’s. My name was Soaring Dove and dad’s was Bald Eagle-Very fitting for his bald head! :) This outfit totally reminds me of this group and I am super nostalgic about it oh so grateful that I had a dad who wanted to join with me.

Shoes-Target, Dress-Matty M, Sunnies-Vintage Dior, Necklaces-Vintage De Grazia (my grandma Shields’ fav)



5 responses to “Indian Princess

  1. Those sunglasses are great!!

  2. SO adorb! I love everything about this outfit!

  3. I love everything but the heart shape ring stole my heart. x