All tied up in brown & black

Brown and Black are those infamous colors that if you were growing up in the early 90’s, the Gap told you these could NOT be paired together.  I am glad that has changed! Black and brown possess such sophistication and class.  No matter what you have thrown together that outfit just works.

This particular outfit was thrown together by my friend Annie. I am prone to add a belt to almost every outfit for completion and balance, but in this case I agree with her and don’t think one is needed. The stitching in the jeans coincide with colors of the blouse and that blouse, well that blouse just speaks for itself. :) I adore the collar detail and the long bow. So dainty and feminine.

Blouse-Equipment, Jeans-J brand, Shoes-Vince Camuto, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Bracelet-Tory Burch, Pearls-Vintage (Annie’s)

While we were taking these pics I noticed that Annie was wearing the same color scheme as me and thought what a perfect opportunity to switch roles and snap pics of her.

Annie and I have very similar styles and as I mentioned previously she is the one who taught me how to thrift.  She lives in SF bay area and is accustomed to dressing for all types of weather and has perfected the art of layering.  She recently went on a trip to Europe and got to experience shopping in a whole new light. From flea markets to boutiques she covered the whole arena of fashion.

Jumpsuit/Sandals-a London boutique, Sweater-Trouve, Belt-Vintage (mine), Bracelets-Italy, Sunnies-Nordstroms



8 responses to “All tied up in brown & black

  1. wow.. love it very much.. brown and black.. :)

  2. Annie Tegner

    AW thanks for the homage! Love you girl! And admire how quickly you pull these things together. Definitely got the skills to (one day) pay those damn shopping bills. LOL. <3 <3 <3

  3. LOVE Brown&Black together! I can’t stop wearing my brown boots with black jeans!

  4. love your bright nails as well!!

  5. Adorable! Love the leopard heels!! :)

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