Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!!!

Tuesday, phew we made it past Monday. :) This week has already brought some pretty exciting things.  A BIG thanks to everyone reading this because you have helped me reach my blog goals for the month of March ANNND it’s March 13th.  :)

My parents are out of town and I am staying at their house to take care of the pups and these pics were taken strolling around their neighborhood.  I am absolutely in love with this sweater. I got this lovely Zara piece last week at Goodwill and it is light enough to wear in good ol’ AZ.  I haven’t had much time to “thrift” since being back in Arizona and made some time after work last Friday night and it left me thirsty for more.  I cannot wait to go again ASAP! As previously noted, I adore colored pants! These green ones are ideal on a casual day like today to add that extra pop! I also love them paired with a blouse, leather jacket, and a pair of heels for a night out!

Sweater-Zara (thrifted), Pants-Blue Essence, Shoes-Toms, Watch-LaMer, Bracelets/cross ring-Forever21

I am pretty sure the secrets out. Toms are the shiz! I love these amaze sparkle ones. They literally match with everything.  This may be a good time to get serious…”Hi I am Amy and I am addicted to Toms!” I seriously have way too many, but with having a job where I have to dress for comfort, they are perfect! Who doesn’t want to support a cause either? Buy one of these pairs and one is given to a child in need.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!



17 responses to “Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!!!

  1. love the green pants :)

  2. Your blog is so cute and I love your outfit too!!
    I always wondered about the sparkly toms but you make me want to buy the black ones!!

  3. Love the mani! Have you tried the Toms ballet flats?

  4. Monica- You have to get a pair. :) Be sure to get them at a store though because the sizes all vary.
    Sugar-Yes I have tried them on and unfortunately they are not made for my feet :( They are really wide. I tried on 2 different sizes. I love the styles though. So cute!!!

  5. I love your shirt! It is amazing.

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I’m loving your green pants!!

  7. i LOVE the colored pants! Too cute. I need to get myself a pair for spring asap! Cute blog, I’m following :)

  8. I am so jealous of you and your collection of colored pants. I have tried on every colored pant and I can’t seem to find the right one… sigh. You make me want them even more. Love the outfit!

  9. I have those TOMS too!! They’re the can wear them with just about anything. Also, I love how one of your nails on each hand is a different and cute!

  10. I love the manicure and the colored pants! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  11. Love the tiger sweater, looks great with colored jeans.

    xo erica

  12. I want those pants!

    awesome blog! xx

  13. Hi there! Thanks for your comment! It’s been fun perusing your blog! I love it! This is such a fun outfit..I’ve been loving tiger shirts lately too! You have such cute eclectic style!


  14. Really nice outfit! Love the green pants and the shoes too! Thanks for visiting my blog, will keep following yours too :) x