Fedorable Layers

Hat-Macy’s,  Shirt-Nordstrom Rack, Cardigan-Vintage, Jeans-J Brand, Booties-Urban Outfitters, Watch-Nordstrom mens, Leopard bracelet-Tory Burch, Wood bracelet-Forever 21, Sunnies-Ray Bans

Today I woke up and it was most definitely a hat day. I love hats and actually am to the point where storage has become an issue in my little house.  I keep them in my kitchen, no joke.  I was limited on time and laundry this morning and whenever that is the case I try to pick one to two confident pieces that go together and work from there.  I love these tan booties because they are so comfortable and with all the running around I do all day that is essential.

I grabbed this caramel, vintage cardigan last minute to tie it all together to finalize my neutral layered look.  As much as I love color I feel like a clean crisp silk blouse matched well is just as common in my wardrobe.  You can’t ALWAYS be peacocking. :)

I picked up this necklace a few weeks ago from Nordstrom. I literally have been finding just about everything to wear it with.  It is so bold and chunky. It really has the perfect arrangement of stones, broches, flowers for that vintage chic look I always long for.  I had been looking for a statement necklace for some time and this one had me at hello.  This cross ring from Forever 21 is really old but I love how thin it is.  It has just the right amount of bling and puts a subtle edge to this look.  Happy Hump Day!!!!!

5 responses to “Fedorable Layers

  1. Where did you get those shoes?!

  2. haha you remind me of myself. Mixing the highs and lows is the only way to go. I will wear Louboutins with forever21 anyway of the week!