Fabulous Flats.

Just like any other girl I love gorgeous, detailed, mouth dropping 5inch heels.  Heels make an outfit.  In my early 20’s the weekend getup of party dresses, costume jewelry, and heels to kill for a night out on the town were the norm.  As you get older and busy with work and prior commitments I find that my weekend warrior attire has transformed into something entirely different.  I have a lot less time and to spend an entire day thinking about every last detail of what I am going to wear exhausts me.  Let me be clear here…this is NOT a post about how I ditched heels.  I still buy them and rock them like candy, however it is in a different scenario, a wedding, birthday party, dinner with my boo, etc.  This year though I have been WILDLY obsessed with flats.  There are so many different styles from prints to leather to suede, OH MY!!!  Here are a few pics from AVC…

1) BP-‘Paxton’ Oxford       2) Tory Burch-Reva    3) Halogen-Nordstrom    4)  Toms- sequin  5) Tory Burch-Caroline    6) Sam Edleman-Beatrix  7) Vaneli-oxford

I feel like everyone needs a nude, black and pantent leather flat.  They will be your most commonly worn shoes as well as easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.  The next step is to add a colored flat or printed flat. I realize leopard isn’t for everyone (no actually I don’t realize this at all…it baffles me!) But if that is the case then go with something more comfortable for you like red or stripes.  Red/pink is very easy to wear because most women have a plethora of black in their closet and it gives you just the right amount of pop to add some spice to your life. I really want to get a yellow leather or printed pair next, possibly a maryjane style. Don’t be afraid of the flats. Your tootsies will thank you later



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  1. This is an old post but a great post. Since making ballet flats my shoe of choice I have built up a variety of pairs to suit my needs. Looks like we both love Tory Burch flats as well. I get most of mine from the Tory Burch boutique in the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza. This is some of my collection of these amazing flats


    I like what you said in the last paragraph. “I feel like everyone needs a nude, black and pantent leather flat.” I’m glad you said “everyone”cuz in this day and age some of us guys also wear these amazing Tory Burch flats.


    Great post, thanks for sharing.