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Leopard Jeans-They will change your life.

I got these sassy jeans for Christmas and let me tell you they are amaze! I love them so much and have been able to create a lot of outfits with them. It is no secret that I am in love with the Olsen sisters (minnies) and love their lines. This Elizabeth and James shirt is so perfect with everything. It is a wardrobe staple!

Jeans-Current Elliot, Shirt-Elizabeth and James, Shoes-Trouve, Ring-vintage, Sunnies-Michael Kors, Bracelets-Forever 21

  I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!!!



Givenchy girl.

Getting ready for my best friend’s wedding has been absolutely bananas, but I had a quick second to take some pics w/pops before the rehearsal.  I had little time to get ready and considering the event was casual I decided to spice it up with my favorite piece of jewelry, the Givenchy Charm Necklace. It is just beyond and really, who cares about the rest of the outfit.

This  Splendid convertible dress/skirt has become such a staple in my spring wardrobe. It is so great to just throw on and go out the door. Add a belt, some jewelry and you’re good to go!!!

Shirt-Trouve, Sandals-Steve Madden(similar here), Dress-Splendid (similar here), Necklace-Givenchy, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Shoes-Steve Madden (similar here)

This is my favorite vintage watch ring. It has scissors that are the hands of the clock, so fab. When all the wedding business subsides I can’t wait to vintage shop. Doing anything this weekend???

Happy Friday everyone!!!



Totally Trouve

My favorite thing about Vintage/thrift finds is mixing them with current fashion.  Fashion is cyclical and always returns back to where it started. That’s why your mom will see you wearing those wide leg, bell bottom pants and laugh saying “those are back?” or your dad will pipe in when you are rocking your distressed cut off shorts with “we threw our shorts away when they got all those tears and holes in them.” Or in my case…you will see an old lady/grandma type and say “I want those oversized sunnies!!!”

Nordstrom is by far my favorite store and my ultimate go-to. They carry the higher end, more expensive items I need to buy like shoes, jeans, or a handbag as well as some more affordable house brands that are great for mixing into your wardrobe.  My favorite in house brand Nordstrom carries is called Trouve. They make everything from shoes, bags, dresses, tops, pants etc. This line is very tailored and clean and they rarely come out with something I don’t like.  If you’re in the market for wardrobe staples like a quality leather jacket, great black pump or sandal, perfectly tailored blouse, classy statement accessory. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

1) Channel Quilted Leather Jacket-$298.00  2) Flowing Wide Leg -$88.00  3) Station Bootie-$64.90  4) Seabeck Gladiator-$44.90  5)  Conrast Slim Silk Blouse-$88.00  6) Sleek Pyton Belt-$48.00

These wedges I am wearing below are Trouve from last season and they are literally so comfortable. The color is a neutral grey which I find matches with almost anything and like I mentioned before, I wear them all summer!!!

Jeans-J brand, Bangles-Forever, Shoes-Trouve, Necklace-BP, Sunnies-Fossil, Top-Liberty Love, Ring-Vintage

Today is my Friday as I am in “wedding mode” in preparation for my best friends wedding. I hope you all have a fabulous day!!!



Polka Dots on Dots…

Happy hump day! How is your week going? Have you made any great bargain purchases that you can share with us? My best friend is getting married this Saturday so my shopping has been put on hold as I am in wedding mode, but there is a special post that I am developing to share with you post-wedding that I am super excited about.  :)

This entire outfit is vintage, sans tom wedges and sunnies. I just picked up the cream blouse about a month ago at goodwill and I have owned the black shorts for a year, but never worn them. I love the idea of polkas on polkas. So polished and chic.  I added the vintage scarf for some color.  The weather in Phoenix is perfect right now. I want to feed it medicine so it will just stay like this forever! :) 

The bracelets I am wearing are from my fav accessory store called I heart Accessoires. It is from Canada and I love all their unique styles and designs. Ck it out! <3

Blouse-vintage, Shorts-vintage, Belt-vintage, Sunnies-Ray Bans, Scarf-Vintage, Watch-Nordstrom Men’s, Bracelets-I heart accessoires, Shoes-Toms

Make yourself a great day!



Neon Rocker

I absolutely adore this leather jacket. I have had it for ev er! A leather jacket is something that every girl needs to have/invest in. Leather is one of those materials that just gets better over time. This one in particular is great because it is a 3/4 length and is great for layering.

I got these three neon necklaces over the weekend at Forever21. I love anything neon so these were a perfect addition to this all black, rock glam get up. This black romper I got a few summers ago at H&M. Rompers are definitely my go-to during the summer. So easy and fun to accessorize with.

I also picked up these AMAZE matte black Ray Ban sunnies to add to my Ray Ban collection. I feel like it is one of the only brands that fit my face properly and they are so durable. I am not a fan of paying more than $150 for glasses and they always are in my budget!!

Jacket-Halogen, Romper-H&m, Necklaces-Forever21, Shoes-MIA



Show Me Your Mumu…

I am going to share with you my newest OBSESSION! I stumbled upon this jem in my day to day blog/fashion routine.  The brand is called Show Me Your Mumu. I know what you’re thinking…but seriously. It is amaze. See for yourself…

EVERYTHING about these pics, these girls, this line is beyond.  The casual, vintage, hippie, fun feel of the line is so California chic. The brand was started by two college gfs from Manhattan. The girls went to UC Berkley for college and later moved back to Manhattan to pursue their “fairytale”

I can’t wait to purchase my first item, just in time for COACHELLA!!!! Now the problem is what will it be? I hope you enjoy their threads and website as much as I do.  Until then!



Dainty pleats

Everything about this skirt screams girly. The minute that I put it on I felt like I did as a child trying on my mom’s clothing. Perfect for a spring day. I think it will look great toned down with gladiator sandals and a tank. I am loving neutrals and red mixed lately. I got this red bag at a vintage store in New York. It has gotten so much use. It has a long cross body strap that attaches as well.

Loving the cat eye sunglasses right now. They rest a bit more on the bridge of your nose which takes some getting used to, but they are becoming one of my favs! Honestly, I didn’t know Fossil made anything worth buying besides watches, but my SIL (sister in law-No I am not married that’s just what we call each other) used to work for the company and has opened my eyes to the other great product lines that they carry! Ck out the jewelry line especially. So many great items.

Shoes-Via Spiga, Skirt-Trouve, Belt-Vintage, Shirt-Clasiques, Bag-Vintage Coach, Sunnies-Fossil, Bracelets-Forever21, Flower bracelet/Necklace-Vintage, Watch ring-Vintage

Happy Weekend!



It’s a celebration B*t

I cannot believe it has been only a month since I have started this blog. I know it does not seem long, but to me it is an accomplished goal and I am in the business of baby steps! I began this adventure in hopes to create a healthy outlet for my thoughts and useful place to look back on what I have tried out and learned along the way. I love fashion and by no means do I think I know it all or believe I am always right in any of my choices. But I have a heart for it. I dream about it. I think about it in all realms of life. I find myself picturing outfits while eating, working, at church, on vacation…it is always on my mind. I believe fashion is an art and some see it and can do it and some just appreciate it.  Everyday I look forward to taking pictures with my boyfriend to share with all of you. I get excited when he or I get a cool idea to try something new (he is my main stylist).  It has truly made me appreciate and love him even more for being so supportive and caring towards something that he says “makes me so HAPPY!” This indeed make me happy, so happy! Over 3000 views, 113 blog followers, 130 fb likes. WOW! Thank you for being a part of my adventure and for sharing your lives with me as well.  :)

This outfit is perfect for casual celebrations: Birthday’s, dinners, lunches etc. I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT floral blazer ever since I saw this Elizabeth and James one. This one practically walked into my arms this past week while vintage shopping in Phoenix.  I love the pastel colors and the length.  It is so 80’s and I love it.
 I got these pants a few months ago and have been wanting to debut them and what better match to a 70’s pair of jeans than an 80’s blazer. Mixing eras is so chic. It adds such variety and uniqueness to a vintage outfit, allowing you to bring your own flavor and spice to the table.
 Blazer-Vintage, Jeans-Citizens of Humanity, Bracelets-Forever21, White shirt-Forever21, Pearls-Vintage, Watch-Nordstrom, Ring/Clutch-Vintage, Sunnies-D&G
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
The shoes are Trouve wedges that I seriously wear everyday in the summer, but these pants are so dang long you can’t even see them! Heres to the freakin weekend!!!!
Big xo’s to all of you!

Diggin the Denim

I am totally into denim.  I believe this love started back in high school when I would wear an “oh so cool” denim jacket with khaki pants and keds. Although that look would be “interesting” now, denim is still rockin in full force.  Denim is normally associated as a casual clothing piece, but it can easily be mixed and matched for a dressier sophisticated look as well.  I love denim paired with black, red, or  white pants/shorts, with a pair of heels. This really gives it a crisp classic look.  Today, I feel like my look is somewhere in between.

Shirt-Vintage, Shoes-Tory Burch, Leggings-BP, Sunnies-Dior, Scarf-Vintage Chanel

I got this amaze scarf at a vintage store in San Diego and it is one of my top 5 fav pieces of clothing in my closet. HINT: (The rest of the top 5 are coming soon!) It is darling tied to a purse handle, loose over a blazer, in your hair as a bandana, gypsy style, sailor style (over your shoulders the opposite way I have pictured here) and so on. I love the deep red and gold combo and it makes me smile thinking of the woman who once owned it. What was her story? How did she wear it?

Below is another one of my fav ways to wear scarfs. This is a picture from when my family went to Cabo (my favorite place on earth). How cute is my mom! :)



Adore it? Afford it!

Fashion is something a lot of people adore, but not a lot can afford. I thought it would be fun to share an “adore it? afford it!” item! Something that I find for a great deal that is too good not to share with all of you.  A lot of people ask me where I shop and the answer is EVERYWHERE! I try and browse around all stores if time permits and often end up picking up a scarf, shoes, or an accessory.  Case in point, World Market (Cost Plus) in some states. They have great necklaces and rings.  Not so much on your shopping list when you think of that type of store.  The item I am featuring today is from a store that will probably  become a repeat in “Adore it? Afford it!”, Old Navy!

I am so beyond about this yellow mini trench. It is so much brighter than the website and this picture display. I am talking neon!  It is listed online for $32.99, but I got it in the store in Gilbert, Arizona for, wait for it, $13.99!!!!!! Such a deal!

This type of piece is perfect for this time of year when it keeps going back and forth from warm to cold. I absolutely love it and can barely not take it off. Today is a light spring day so it went great over a tank top, but in colder months I can’t wait to wear a hoodie underneath for added warmth.  And what a change from the traditional Black, grey, brown jackets that you see everywhere!

Jacket-Old Navy, Tank-BP, Sunnies-Vintage, Shoes-Enzo Angiolini, Jeans-Jolt, Ring-Forever 21,  Bag-Vintage

Have a ab fab Wednesday!