Fixin for a Mixin…

I am totally excited and on board with the mixed prints trend that is popping up on runways, in store windows and on the street.  I feel like it is a unique, yet risky way to represent one’s style as well as a nice transition from winter to spring and summer.  However, it can be one of those trends that if not done properly could turn horribly bad. No one wants to look like they got dressed by a five year old.  Here are a few tips to remember when implementing mixed prints:
  •  There is really only a need for one bold, dominate print in the mix. If you are electric on top let the bottom remain more muted and then pop in a bright shoe, sweater or bag.
  • Keep accessories simple.  This can easily be done with a red pump, large bag, or my personal favorite, a thick, chunky belt.  The reason the belt is my favorite is because it can easily be used to separate an outfit. You are going to have a lot going on so you want to keep any accessories pretty solid.
  • Be sure to pick one or two colors in common when mixing prints. If your bright floral patterned bottom contains red, black, purple, green and white, be sure that its top print is matched with at least two similar colors.  I think floral is best matched with stripes, leopard or zig zags.  This will create a natural cohesive feel to your look.
  • Do not mix more than three prints. The goal is to still remain looking tied together and any more than three I feel is overkill and risks you looking like a walking 1970’s chair married 1950’s curtains.
I can’t wait to get creative with all these ideas and in the meantime I enjoy swooning over these two Resort Collection below:

J.CREW 2012 Resort Collection

Tory Burch Spring 2012 Collection

4 responses to “Fixin for a Mixin…

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  3. I love mixing prints! Very cute! And I love the shoes! I need those!