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Leather & Loafers

When deciding on what to wear in the morning I am always driven towards comfort.  Finding that balance between fashionable and comfortable can be tricky, but accessories and statement pieces tend to help me out a lot with that.  The jacket below is one of my favorites, perfect for layering with a scarf in the winter or throwing over a sundress in warmer weather.  Leather is such a diverse fabric that is so much fun to play around with.  It has come a long way from bikers and boots. I love leather pants with a sexy heel and as seen below, a jacket matched with a more dainty floral blouse.  It takes the edge off a little bit when seen next to softer more girly pieces.

Blouse-Nordstrom,  Jacket-Steve Madden,  Sunnies-D&G,  Nail polish-Hot Pink shellac

Loafers- Cole haan,  Denim- J Brand



Glitter Mafia

1) Deborah Lippmann  2) Topshop  3) Vince  4) J.Crew  5) Kate Spade  6) Miu Miu

It is a common misconception that glittery, sequined items are strictly seasonal…WRONG!!! Totally not the case.  Glittery nail polish and any accessories can most definitely be rocked year round.  This Topshop blazer above would love so fab over a basic tee, a structured short and flats for spring.  I love fashion pieces that are so strong you don’t need to add a lot more to it and glitter is definitely one of them.  The key is to not overdue it with too much, sticking to a two piece sparkle max.  This will avoid you from looking like a walking disco ball.



Striped out.

It is easy to become overwhelmed and frazzled during thrift store shopping.  It can be hit or miss, smell funny and the fellow shoppers are definitely interesting to say the least. When I go thrifting, I try to look for older, vintage pieces that I can mix and match with newer items that are currently in style. For some reason stripes are one of those for me. I always bring home a striped addition.  It is one of those timeless, classic patterns that is always resourceful in one’s wardrobe collection.  I am dying to find a pair of striped pants to contrast with other patterns as seen in fixin for a mixin.

1) Keds  2) Tory Burch   3) Marc Jacobs nails via pinterest  4) Markus Lupfer  5) Asos  6) Equipment

Flirty in Floral.

There are very few patterns that can make you feel more beautiful and feminine than floral.  Flirty, fresh vibrant fabrics are back for Spring.  I love floral pants with a oxford, loafer, or wedge paired with a crisp white button down.  Or the shorts below with a crochet hippie top and gladiator sandals. The look is very vintage which I always love.  I found a high waisted pink floral pair of shorts at Goodwill last summer and have been waiting to break them out. Can’t waaaiiiit!!!! 

1) Paige Denim     2) Citizens of Humanity     3) Xhilaration    4)  Elizabeth and James

Color Blocker

I am obsessed with everything colorful, random, unconventional, in fashion right now.  I started seeing color blocking last year and I am very glad that it is still going strong.  Nothing screams spring/summer than bright hues of pink, red, green, purple and blue.  When wearing bold color combinations it is inevitable that you will be happy and smiley and who doesn’t want that??!  Be bold and daring this Spring and bring on the fun, futuristic textures of color blocking.

1)  Ray Ban       2) Tinley Road       3)  Marni for H&M      4)  LOVE      5)  Zara  6) Forever21     7) Cole hann 8)   Lacoste

Polka this and polka that

I have always been a fan of Polka dots, especially black and white.  There is such a classic sophistication that comes along with the pattern.  Every few seasons they pop up almost to the point where you don’t feel like they ever left. I am loving the shear polka dot pattern combinations this year especially in a blouse or skirt.  So feminine and sweet.  I recommend adding a bright colored accessory to really make the outfit stand out! Neon is a great color choice to pair it with.  Below are some of newer items that I hope to add to my closet sooner than later…

1) Marc by Marc Jacobs      2) Asos      3) Dorthy Perkins      4) Marie Claire      5) Kate Spade                         6) Madwell        7) Sam Edleman

Ooooo la Oscar

I have to be real, I never really watch any award shows.  However, as a true lover of fashion and everything sparkly I always watch the red carpet to see all the fabulous out of this world dresses.  I like to dream about what it would be like to be able to participate and wear these gorgeous pieces of art.  Truthfully, I don’t think I have been head to toe done up since prom.  I know everyone has their own opinion of the best and worst dressed participates, but to be honest I was floored at how many of the women SHUT IT DOWN on Sunday. More than ever before I was oooohing and ahhhing over these to die for masterpieces.  Here are four of my favs…

1) Michelle Williams is always daring in her Oscar color choices and this coral Louis Vuitton peplum gown is absolutely perfection on her.  I love her pixie blonde hair cut and her bright pink clutch adds that extra pop of color and is so true to her style.

2) Stacy Keibler has to be the luckiest girl in Hollywood dating George Clooney, but she is holding her ground in this breathtaking single strap gold Marchesa gown.  I mean she looks like a walking Oscar and wasn’t even up for an award.

3) Gwyneth Paltrow is such a classic stunner on the red carpet.  I seriously was speechless when I first saw her in this unusual Tom Ford cape style gown. It is such a unique gown choice and classic for her style.

4) Kristen Wigg has become one of my personal favorites. Not only is she a talented, successful actress, but she is gorgeous and hilarious.  I adore everything about this flirty, girly J Mendel gown. It is a great color on her and I love her black nail polish, wavy hair and Prada shoes to top it off.

I am glad that award shows exist to bring out the little girl in all of us, longing for that Cinderella at the ball moment!!! xoxo

Pretty in PASTELS

Pixie sticks, baby clothes, elementary school chalk, Easter eggs, who doesn’t love pastels? I am especially co (currently obsessed) w/ pastel denim. The subtle shades of color are so feminine and really dress up a traditional casual jean.  A blouse, or tank paired with a white or tan bottom looks so effortlessly chic.  I am dying to play around with them in my own wardrobe.
 Tibi Spring 2012
Orly “Sweet” collection

Fixin for a Mixin…

I am totally excited and on board with the mixed prints trend that is popping up on runways, in store windows and on the street.  I feel like it is a unique, yet risky way to represent one’s style as well as a nice transition from winter to spring and summer.  However, it can be one of those trends that if not done properly could turn horribly bad. No one wants to look like they got dressed by a five year old.  Here are a few tips to remember when implementing mixed prints:
  •  There is really only a need for one bold, dominate print in the mix. If you are electric on top let the bottom remain more muted and then pop in a bright shoe, sweater or bag.
  • Keep accessories simple.  This can easily be done with a red pump, large bag, or my personal favorite, a thick, chunky belt.  The reason the belt is my favorite is because it can easily be used to separate an outfit. You are going to have a lot going on so you want to keep any accessories pretty solid.
  • Be sure to pick one or two colors in common when mixing prints. If your bright floral patterned bottom contains red, black, purple, green and white, be sure that its top print is matched with at least two similar colors.  I think floral is best matched with stripes, leopard or zig zags.  This will create a natural cohesive feel to your look.
  • Do not mix more than three prints. The goal is to still remain looking tied together and any more than three I feel is overkill and risks you looking like a walking 1970’s chair married 1950’s curtains.
I can’t wait to get creative with all these ideas and in the meantime I enjoy swooning over these two Resort Collection below:

J.CREW 2012 Resort Collection

Tory Burch Spring 2012 Collection

Nuts for NEON

1.   2.   3.   4.

I am absolutely head OVER heels with everything NEON!!!!! It screams SUMMER to me.  As a child of the 80’s it brings me back to the good ol’ days. Remember hyper-colored shirts? haha :) Because the hues are so strong and vibrant you don’t need a lot when pairing neon in an outfit. I love how Neon mixes with neutrals like the Kate Spade flats seen above.  I know some people assume that bright colors are too much or just not for them, but really a small clutch, jewelry piece or nail color can accent a simple outfit you have had for years. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it!